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$3,830 raised
GOAL $10,000
50 donations
since Aug 2018

Now, more than ever, mental health remains one of THE biggest issues for society, globally. The Australian Medical Association says, "Currently Australia lacks an overarching mental health 'architecture'". There is no agreed national structure that facilitates prevention or proper care for people with a mental illness.

Did you know.

Seven million Australian’s (a third of the population) between the ages of 18-65 will suffer with a serious mental health illness in their lifetime.

Scary hey?

And with the effects of constant connection, smartphone reliance and stresses around career progression, earning more money and working longer hours, we're putting more and more pressure on our minds than ever before. There’s great working being done, but there’s more to be done.

We need you. The mental health community needs you. We want you to join us once more on the night to raise awareness and funds, so we can help those who need it most. By participating, you’re doing something far bigger than we ever could have imagined – not matter how big or small.

I can tell you personally how much it means to me each year I am part of The Light Ball Sydney, Saturday 20 October 2018. Whether it's simply by telling a mate about it, donating, coming on the night, sponsoring a prize or by doing the hardest part of all… opening up and sharing your own story – you’re making a MASSIVE difference.

Here’s why.

Our chosen charity, batyr, tell us that seven people out of a classroom of 30 suffer with mental health. Five of those seven don’t talk about their issues and it’s those five that we must band together and help.

But there’s a big reason why we back batyr. It’s not only because they have amazing staff or they’re a great cause.

It’s because the awareness and funds are making a REAL difference.

The impact is two-fold:

1. Their work specifically helps children under the age of 18. Why? 75% of mental health conditions manifest in people whilst under 18 and if issues aren’t addressed and spoken about during those years, it becomes harder as you grow older to tackle them; and

2. The funds you’ve raised at the Light Ball ($350,000 since we started in 2014 in Australia alone) go directly towards batyr programs in schools. Essentially, we, and more importantly, YOU, are making a tangible impact on mental health. Your involvement is reaching thousands of classrooms every single day. Pretty good hey?

There's still so much to do and each day we fight this ongoing battle. With you in our Light Ball clan, we're all doing this as a collective, as a united force and you are ALL part of that journey. So, don't ever feel that your contribution is too small and won't make a difference. Trust me, it does.

Be proud to call yourself a Lightballer.

We ask you to join us once again to help smash the stigma and help those who need it most,

Tickets are the same price last year - $189
Hyatt Regency, Saturday 20 October 2018
With a star-studded line up of speakers and prizes

NOT to be missed guys. Check it out, tickets here:

Lots of love,

The Light Ball Committee X

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$3,830 raised
GOAL $10,000
50 donations
since Aug 2018
Fundraising for
batyr is a for purpose preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people, for young people. We smash the stigma surrounding mental ill health and empower young people to reach out for support.
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