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$68,105 raised
GOAL $100,000
165 donations
since Apr 2015

Project One: Food growth start up funds

We need funds to help us plant during wet season, which ends in September. Our goal is to grow fruit trees and vegetables on a 2-acre plot to offset the cost of food for 600 staff and children living in the hostels in Kathmandu. In order to achieve our goal, we have to achieve the following:

Purchase a small tractor. Estimated cost: $20,000

Build a plant security shed. Estimated cost: $6000

Purchase fruit trees and vegetable seedlings. Estimated cost. $4000

We will be conducting Horticulture Vocational Training classes for staff to maintain these. By doing this, we will achieve a consistent supply of fruit and vegetables to offset food costs for the future of the hostel program.

Project Two: Higher education fund

We have the opportunity to assist 12 students from Nepal and Myanmar in their efforts to earn a  Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Education. Once qualified, these students will be employed by Educate Nepal across their campuses and by Light and Hope schools in Myanmar. This will enable children to attend school and receive a quality transformative education. It is well documented throughout the world that nothing lifts people out of poverty more effectively than a quality transformative education.

Each student is offered a 3-year scholarship by ITCUPH in Jakarta. However, we need to raise $2500 each year to provide airfare, visas, health insurance and a small amount of money for incidentals.

We currently have 6 students from Nepal and 6 from Myanmar that have been accepted.

The funds will be applied specifically for this purpose.

12 Bachelor of Arts degrees

Open doors for children to have a better education

Help future teachers of primary education

Project Three: Chepang School Project

The goal for this project is to provide an English secondary school for some of the most impoverished children in Nepal. Education is the key to help unlock the cycle of poverty.

The Chepang are an indigenous ethnic grouping inhabiting the rugged ridges of a mountain range in central Nepal. Extreme poverty and the remoteness of their habitat significantly contribute to low literacy rates among the Chepang families.

In order to begin to overcome this obstacle, our project aims to help in the following ways to establish education in this province:

Architectural plans.

Government fees and building permits.

Construction of the first six classrooms of the school building.

Construction to start in 2016.

Starting with 6 classrooms, but with the hope of eventually having 12. Individual or corporate donations of $10,000 or more offer the option to have a classroom named after the donor. Ongoing contributions will assist with teacher’s salaries and school supplies.


$68,105 raised
GOAL $100,000
165 donations
since Apr 2015
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My Cause Gift Fund for Transform the Nations
Funds donated to the My cause Gift Fund will be disbursed to Transform the Nations - Educate Nepal. The trustees will always disburse funds to the nominated cause, however in the case that that is not possible, the funds will be disbursed to a DGR charity at the trustees discretion.

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