Orchard St. - Mindful in May Project

$3,600 raised
GOAL $1,000
4 donations
since Apr 2015

Welcome to our fundraising page as part of the Orchard St. Mindful in May Project.

At Orchard St. we are so excited to be a part of this - raising awareness of mindfulness and making a difference to so many with something we take for granted - the supply of clean water.

In April, 2015 Orchard St. made a commitment to take mindfulness beyond our juices and into our business on a daily basis.

The Orchard St. Mindful in May project is the start of this journey for our company.

If you did not know, Orchard St. provides organic cold pressed juice cleanses to gently cleanse, nourish and inspire a mindful diet. Each of our beautifully designed 1 day, 3 day and 5 day cleanses contain a naturopathically selected range of superfood smoothies, fermented tonics, green juices, herbal elixirs and nut milks made using the finest local and organic produce.

Pressed lovingly in Sydney and delivered to your door nationwide.

Over the last year, we have grown from two people juicing in their home to a company with over 35 employees, 3 retail stores, an online store with direct to home delivery plus now supplying to leading retail partners across Australia.

Our commitment is to continue to grow our business by building a mindful company.

Mindful in the products we produce (organic and sustainable), the charities we support and building a mindful company with our staff, customers and business partners integrating mindfulness in everything we do - from active listening, to establishing trust with each other, to bringing out the best in ourselves everyday....

So to be a part of the Mindful in May project is great timing for us to personally take this ten minute a day meditation challenge.

It sounds so simple, but in practice a significant challenge to stop, to breathe, to be mindful.

Through this project, we have also become mindful of the challenges that the developing world is having in supplying clean water - yes clean water, something we have always had in abundance in our life without even thinking about....

We use clean, safe water in every part of our business - we just take it for granted but for so many they cannot....

We'd be so grateful if you can support us and help transform lives in the developing world.

We become mindful through our breathe, but to so many people they wake up every morning and have no access to clean, safe water. Something we find hard to understand, why ?

Yet, It costs only $30 to bring clean water to one person for life.

Yes $30 and clean water for life.....

Your donations will not only keep us accountable and motivated but more importantly will contribute to helping so many having access to clean, safe water by donating to this cause.

That's a pretty amazing gift to give someone this May.

You can sponsor the Orchard St. team and leave a message by selecting the donate button above.

We thank you so much for supporting our company in raising both awareness of our mindful approach to business and raising money to help address the global water crisis.

Love to all,

The Orchard St. team

$3,600 raised
GOAL $1,000
4 donations
since Apr 2015
Fundraising for
Charity Water
Charity: water brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. For $50AUD you can bring one person clean water for life. Donations are only tax deductible if you are based in the USA.


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