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'Problems cannot be solved with the same level of awareness that created them'- Albert Einstien

- One in nine people on the planet struggle each day to access clean, safe drinking water
- Every 20 seconds a child dies due to a contaminated water illness

I'd say this is a pretty big problem. The solution, or at least some part of it?

$30 and, like Albert said, greater awareness... Ahem.. did he perhaps mean Mindfulness?!?

$30. The cost of a yoga class, and perhaps a bottle of water because you left your $40 water canister at home.

$30. The cost of giving one person on our planet clean drinking water for the rest of their life... I feel I need to repeat this here:

For the rest of their life.... and again, just in case it didn't quite sink in: For. the. rest. of. their. life.

So you guys already join me in practicing Mindfulness in the yoga studios and meditation centres of melbourne, you sit with me in Mindfulness Courses and Silent retreats, you join me in your work places and you connect with me at Mindfulness Seminars across the globe.

I wonder, could you please join me in May so that we can raise awareness and help create the solution.

You can do so here by either choosing to:

1) Join me - I will help keep you motivated and meditating through May, even while galavanting around Croatia and Italy, you will also receive my weekly mindful meditations for free.


2) Sponsor me and leave a message by selecting the donate button above. If you leave your email address or like my FB page Cool Karma Collected I will be sure to update you via blog and podcast on my musing over the month you will also receive my meditations free.

*** Also by doing either of these two things you will automatically be in the running to win a CKC Mindfulness Course with me in June to the Value of $695 or a Silent Weekend Retreat in September to the Value of $595.

Another Great man, and in case you didn't know, ex lawyer, said 'We must become the change we want to see in the world'... Ghandi.

So. $30. Water. Life.

Be Mindful. Be the Change.

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$1,494 raised
GOAL $2,500
41 donations
since Apr 2015
Fundraising for
Mindful in May for Charity Water
Charity: water brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. For $50AUD you can bring one person clean water for life. Donations are only tax deductible if you are based in the USA.
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