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$2,107 raised
GOAL $5,000
34 donations
since Mar 2015

gPause is Google's global community of mindfulness practice for well-being change. Thanks for visiting Google's gPause Fundraising Page for Mindful in May!

We would be so grateful if you support us in taking this ten minute a day meditation challenge. Your donations will not only keep us accountable and motivated but more importantly will contribute to transforming lives in the developing world.

You can help to change one persons life through helping them to access clean, safe water by donating to the cause. It costs only $35 to bring clean water to one person for life. That's a pretty amazing gift to give someone this May.

You can sponsor us and leave a message by selecting the donate button above. Thanks so much for supporting our efforts in raising money to help address the global water crisis.

$2,107 raised
GOAL $5,000
34 donations
since Mar 2015
Fundraising for
Charity Water
Charity: water brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. For $50AUD you can bring one person clean water for life. Donations are only tax deductible if you are based in the USA.


Google gPause

Van Riper$262.00
Alfredo Finotto$0.00
Amanda Flohr-Egile$100.00
Anna Boda$0.00
Brian Salomaki$160.00
Camille Gennaio$30.00
Dawn Kedzuch$0.00
Douglas Wind$50.00
Jacob Kovacs-Goodman$0.00
Jan Rous$30.00
Javier Ruiz$30.00
Jesse Johnston$0.00
Johanna Quesado$30.00
Joshua Hoffman$0.00
Kati Kallins$30.00
Katie Panciera$30.00
Lauren Abercrombie$30.00
Leah Dornbusch$30.00
margaret healy$100.00
Marius Scurtescu$30.00
Michael Schement$410.00
Monika Gisler$50.00
Mounira La$350.00
Pandiyan Appavu$0.00
Prudence Roberts$0.00
Quentin Finney$100.00
Richard Walwasa$0.00
Samantha Vidal$0.00
Sarah McGuire$100.00
Sin Hang Cheung$35.00
Tom Alby$50.00
Vincent Chiu$50.00

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