Tyson's surgical hip replacement

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Fundraising for Tyson's surgical hip replacement
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since Sep 2014

Tyson is a 7 months old bullmastiff, He's lovely and likes to play tug of war, he's loyal and wish to protect his family.
I bought Tyson from a cruel breeder who advertises best of the line dogs, vet checked hip dysplasia free.
Initially we thought Tyson was only a late grower but we found out he's affected with hip dysplasia.
I tried to contact the breeder but he refuses any confrontation.
it's heartbreaking and I'm devastate to see my baby in pain.
Day by day it's getting harder for him to walk and move.
Can't jump, can't play.
Hip dysplasia is degenerative and arthritis can only get worst.
Surgery is unaffordable for me and injections or medicine are also expensive, but they just ease the pain...it won't fix the problem. Giving Tyson a surgery option will allow to give him a pain-free life.
Surgical replacement cost about $8000 or more plus his transfer to Brisbane or Sydney from Cairns plus vet's fees.
I'm his only family and he means the world to me.
Help me to help Tyson to live a normal life pain-free.
Thankfully he is still at a very young age, the surgery needs to be done when fully grown, so we have got about 6-8 months time to raise funds !!
We can do it! togheter!

UPDATE 22/09/14: Perhaps because of an infiltration injection done to Tyson 2 days ago. That may have caused an infection and internal bleeding resulting in an 60% swollen testicoles. Tyson have now been hospitalized, injected twice with cortisone and the surgeon will see what to do tomorrow morning.
Poor Tyson needs your help now, please donate

UPDATE 23/09/14
News from the Brisbane Specialist (actually 2).
Because of the total hip replacement surgery is cost-prohibitive ($8000 x 2 hips = $ 16000).
We have decided to go for a less expensive procedure called Femoral Head Ostectomy FHO
His hips won't be replaced but this salvage type surgery will allow him to live a less painful life.
Therefore we are lowering the $$ target to 5000, that would include vet's fees and transport to Brisbane.
keep supporting Tyson case!

UPDATE 03/10/2014
Tyson's story have reached Radio and online news.
He was given more space than Johnny Depp.
That is amazing!
Check it out

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$5,100 raised
GOAL $5,000
84 donations
since Sep 2014
Fundraising for
Tyson's surgical hip replacement
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