Gadens Crouching Tiger

$3,250 raised
GOAL $3,000
29 donations
since Aug 2014

In addition to providing an enthusiastic bunch of dragon boat racers each year, Gadens provides legal services to some of Australia’s leading businesses in areas including banking and finance, corporate advisory, property and construction, energy and resources, insolvency, insurance, trade practices, litigation and workplace relations.

Gadens are one of Australia’s leading commercial law firms and operate all around the country. As you can see today, they like to involve themselves in the community as much as possible, especially if it involves showing off their paddling prowess and splashing skills. They have fantastic co-ordinated community involvement program, sponsor a number of charities and support the arts. Also, through their Greener Gadens environmental program, they are currently working to help establish environmental performance reporting in the legal industry

$3,250 raised
GOAL $3,000
29 donations
since Aug 2014
Fundraising for
Dragons Abreast Australia
Dragons Abreast Australia promotes breast cancer awareness and education, primarily, but not exclusively through the sport of dragon boat racing. The members that race in dragon boats are the very public face of Dragons Abreast Australia.


Gadens Crouching Tiger

Martin Hirst$75.00
Andrew Lorigan$25.00
Anna Chochula$50.00
Annie Tseung$100.00
Anthony Woods$25.00
Azita Doudman$50.00
Ban Ch'ng$75.00
Brent Thompson$50.00
Christopher Shute$50.00
Christopher Thien Hock Soon$50.00
Claire Wong$50.00
Elizabeth Johnson$50.00
Jacqueline Wong$50.00
Jemma Mifsud$25.00
Katherine Keene$50.00
Kylie Langby$50.00
Madeleine Kearney$75.00
Mathew Kaufmann$50.00
Melanie Skinner$50.00
Mick McCarthy$50.00
Natasha Dougall$50.00
Patrick Brennan$50.00
Rachel Walker$50.00
Renee Tilley$50.00

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