Pioneer Clubhouse

$4,110 raised
GOAL $20,000
50 donations
since Aug 2014

Welcome to the fundraising page for Pioneer Clubhouse in the Wellness Walk 2014!

Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Australians each year, and everybody has somebody that they know or love, who is living with a mental illness.

Pioneer Clubhouse has been serving the community for 20 years, helping people with mental health issues live the best lives they can. Through supporting people in a work ordered environment at Pioneer Clubhouse, people improve their social skills, their employment skills and their general wellbeing.

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Thanks for supporting our efforts in providing a supportive community to those with mental illness.

$4,110 raised
GOAL $20,000
50 donations
since Aug 2014
Fundraising for
Pioneer Clubhouse
Pioneer Clubhouse provides an ongoing, safe, supportive, respectful community in which people living with mental illness can realise their individual goals, maximise their community integration and enhance their quality of life.


Pioneer Clubhouse

Aaron Mangraviti$275.00
Adam Katsaros$0.00
Amanda Kioko$0.00
Amy Corney$0.00
Anne Lanham$100.00
Bruce Shoebridge$0.00
Charlie Horton$0.00
Chiaki Kuroda$210.00
Chris Morris$0.00
Christine Smith$0.00
Claire Green$30.00
Colin Byrne$0.00
Cortney Hitzeman$0.00
Donna Evans$0.00
Edward Oehlbeck$0.00
Frank Caruso$30.00
Graham McEachern$0.00
Hilary Perera$0.00
James Norman$0.00
jason eliades$0.00
Jason Kioko$0.00
John Favaloro$0.00
John Mangraviti$0.00
John Travers$0.00
Julia Evans$0.00
Justin Lim$0.00
laura knoles$50.00
lawrence smith$700.00
Libby Bubb$50.00
Louise Buchanan$130.00
Maureen Doohan$485.00
Nick Walter$100.00
Nicole Buckland$1010.00
Nicole Morris$0.00
Oliver Weston$0.00
Pamela Black$50.00
Paul Von Willer$0.00
Peter Waite$10.00
Rodney Henne$0.00
Rosalie Mangraviti$0.00
Ruth Hastings$0.00
Sally Cornelius$0.00
Sally Tamsett$0.00
Simon Hamilton$0.00
Stefan Carlson-Smith$0.00
Stephanie Helich$0.00
Steve Pickering$0.00
Tim English$0.00
Vanessa Huxley$160.00
Veronica Mitchell$0.00
Wayne Santleben$0.00

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