Friends of Filling the Gap

$14,998 raised
GOAL $15,000
170 donations
since May 2014

The City2Surf went really well on Sunday - 15 of us walked (Ok, most of us weren't that fast, but, hey, we had fun!)

The fundraising is brilliant thanks to the team and all our generous supporters.

We are now getting close to being able to cover airfares for our volunteer dentists to rural NSW for the next 12 months - and amazing feat!

Every donation counts and means many more Aboriginal people will get better access to quality dental care. And with more funds we can offer more...

$500 = a dentist for 2 weeks which is about 60 plus appointments
$50 = a day's worth of appointments

FTG has already provided over 10,000 appointments and recruited more than 230 dentists.

We have ongoing projects that need support right now.

You can still sponsor our team members. It's easy. Just click the donation button and leave us a message of support too.

Thank you so much, in advance, for all your support. Much appreciated!

$14,998 raised
GOAL $15,000
170 donations
since May 2014
Fundraising for
Filling the Gap
Filling the Gap recruits volunteer dentists to work in Aboriginal health services, where it is very hard to get any affordable dental care and where there are long waiting lists for treatment.


Friends of Filling the Gap

Gael Kennedy$1180.00
Alex Schoulal$210.00
Andrew Casey$200.00
Blanche Kennedy$200.00
Bronwyn Crosby$420.00
Caroline Pidcock$0.00
Jacki and Bek Maxton$1300.00
Jen van Proctor$523.00
Jennifer Symonds$540.00
Kati Haworth$1510.00
Marianne Kennedy$630.00
Michael Crosby$160.00
Michael Refshauge$510.00
Prime Practice$0.00
Sally Fitzpatrick$50.00
Steve Kennedy$4815.00
Ted Crosby$180.00
Uri Windt$2570.00

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