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since Feb 2015

Hi there! You have arrived at Sal Rodd's Adopt a Moon Bear donations page! In 2010, people like you helped me to raise $14,500 to rescue JIGSAW from a very cruel and barbaric life on a bear-bile farm in Vietnam. Bile is extracted from the bears in an horrific and painful manner, leaving many of the bears physically damaged and in pain for the rest of their lives. Jigsaw now lives happily in the care of Animals Asia at their bear sanctuary north of Hanoi. Jigsaw was the 39th bear rescued in Vietnam. Now, in 2020, there are almost 200 rescued bears living with him in Vietnam.

Adopt a Moon Bear has a commitment to support JIGSAW via his Bear Care Club for the rest of his life – possibly another 20 years. In real terms it costs $12,000 to “keep” a bear for one year. Your donations cover his everyday needs: his food, veterinarian care, his physical enrichment program (toys, climbing structures, pool!) and of course his part of ongoing sanctuary costs such as employing all the locals to care, feed and grow food for the bears, the vet team and repairs and maintenance to Jigsaw’s living environment.

We have raised over $115,000 in 10 years and in 2019 Jigsaw celebrated 10 years of living a happy "rescued" life. If you don't yet know about JIGSAW, please visit our website and read his story: And please join our mailing list to receive Jigsaw’s own newsletters which he "writes" and sends about every 2 months.

For donation options please read below.

Donating by CREDIT CARD is simplest: click the "Donate Now" button (above). Your donation will be paid directly to Animals Asia, Adoptamoonbear is notified immediately and MyCause will issue you with a tax-deductible receipt at the time of donating.

Thank you! JIGSAW looks forward to welcoming you into his FAMILY of supporters!


Hi everyone, Jigsaw's Spring 2020 newsletter is out! sharing recent rescues, and school awareness campaigns to help end bear bile farming! Your donation in support would be wonderful !!
Hi everyone! Jigsaw here with my latest newsletter for you to read: Five more bears have been rescued and another one is being rescued right now!!. With so many more bears here now (almost 200 share the sanctuary now) I would love to be a No Cost Bear for Animals Asia - but can only be that with your support here! Thanks everyone and remember to Read my newsy newsletter!!
Hi Everyone! Jigsaw the Moon Bear here! My 2020 puzzle is underway and it's a beauty! It's a SELFIE and a very happy one at that! If you haven't read my recent newsletter, here is the link: I look forward to your support as I raise the $10,000 to care for me this year. Love Jigsaw xx
Hi everyone! How did we get to the month of June! Check out how far our puzzle has come along this year - already halfway through!!! WOW! Thank you to the early supporters. Now, it's that wonderful month of the year when donating a few dollars towards Jigsaw the moon bear will make a big difference to him and to you - a nice little deduction on your tax return! Thank you !
November 2018: Very exciting news here in Vietnam with the 200th bear rescued by Animals Asia! Remember, I was the 39th bear rescued in 2010 so we've come a long way since then. And the most important news is that the Vietnam Government has decreed that it will be illegal for people to own bears by 2022! Yeah!

Read my latest newsletter HERE

Meanwhile I'm SUPER excited because my 2018 puzzle is almost finished - only TEN pieces to go!! Woo Hoo!! Will you help me finish it! Please DONATE today!!
Hi everyone! Jigsaw's puzzle for 2018 is now up on his website.
You can also read his latest newsletter here:
Hi Everyone! Some fabulous donating in November and December has helped me romp home, with the last pieces of my puzzle turned over on the very day my rescue money was raised through this website way back in December 2010!! Now your donations to my puzzle support me through my Bear Care Club to cover my annual costs!!

Thank you to all of you in my "family". You help me to become a Zero Cost Bear for Animals Asia. This means they can direct funds from other people towards the rescue of more bears.... and life doesn't get better than living here in their care!

Looking forward to seeing you Next Year with my 2018 Puzzle !! xxx Your Bear Jigsaw!!
Here's looking at you - well with one eye of my puzzle at least :)
We are almost halfway through, with 48 pieces donated and turned over and $4800 towards my Bear Care Club
But I wish more of me was showing so please send me some watermelon snack money!!
And you can read my latest news here:

xx Jigsaw & Sally from
Hi Everyone, only a couple more pieces of Jigsaw's puzzle to complete and then we're finished!!
But of course a little extra money for his Christmas stocking won't go astray either!!!

Kind Regards,
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$118,857 raised
GOAL $125,000
463 donations
since Feb 2015
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Animals Asia
Animals Asia works to end the barbaric bear bile trade, which sees over 10,000 bears kept on bile farms in China and about 1,200 suffering the same fate in Vietnam. We have rescued almost 600 bears, caring for them at award-winning sanctuaries in China and Vietnam.
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