Bringing Lee Home

$14,212 raised
GOAL $20,500
29 donations
since Nov 2020

16 years ago a Soul mate and very special horse entered my life. 8 years ago I had to make the painful decision to leave him behind when I was no longer able to keep my training stables open. I have since then leased him out to ensure I can keep him looked after and safe as well as hold on to the hope of one day him being reunited with me again.
Until now this has not been possible. Recently events became a concern and I decided I can't keep waiting for something to arise and I need to reach out for help. So here it is -
This fundraiser is to cover the flight costs and transportation of Lee from Melbourne, Australia to Rome, Italy where I now live with my partner and our 3 children.
Lee is only 23 and is extremely good health with no problems. He himself has tuned in with me and my dear animal communicator friend that he is ready and wants to go.

Sue from EIAF has reassured that they have flown multiple horses over the age of 25 with no problems and they have recovered and been fine on arrival.

As someone who has worked with expats in foreign countries all over the world, that have had their beloved horses flown to and back to their home countries without problems or concerns, I am really grateful to the people who have seen the light, the opportunity and the joy of us all being reconnected and Lee getting to spend out his many older years with his family.

Any amount you are able to add to this will be going towards giving this very special horse his wish and ours, of being part of our family again. He has helped countless people with not only their riding growth but their mental, emotional and spiritual growth and over the years has touched the lives of everyone who knew him.

Anything is felt,
Everything is appreciated,
Sharing this will be the same as a donation.

Thank you to everyone who has known Lee over the years, your love, care and support were felt by us both and I know he sends his love to you all!!


Thank you everyone for supporting Lee's flight and travel costs to rejoin his family. Everyone that has stepped up to help make this possible for Lee, has really made an impact on his life! You will always be remembered.
It's getting close to quarantine time and Lee is all prepared for his flight. Costs though are still a bit out of reach.
If anyone is able to share this far and wide, you never know who or where it may reach.
Thank you to you each and every one of you for reaching out and making a wish come true for a very special horse and his family. xox
We have a flight! April 10th is going to get booked for Lee. He will leave for Quarantine on the 10th of March. There may be a slight date change before then but at the moment this will be Lee's flight.
Keep sharing we are nearly able to cover all the costs!!! We are over half way there.
Thank you so much EVERYONE who has shared, donated and done so much to help us bring Lee to us.
I know he is so grateful as are we.

Love you all,
Catherine, family and Lee
We are over half way there! Thank you to everyone who has donated and/or shared, both mean the world to us. We are aiming for our Spring flight so please keep sharing.

Photo is Lee and I during our last reunion in Australia 2018.
Sending love, light and gratitude to everyone xox
For any concerns about the health of Lee, he is in magnificent condition thanks to my sister ?? He had unfortunately worn down his two front teeth but after Brendan Cohens last visit, he was extremely impressed with the condition of all his teeth.
Lee is very healthy with no ongoing conditions and is very ready and capable of making his trip to us! ?
Happy New Year Everyone! Sue from EIAF, whom I have been talking with about flights for Lee, has contacted me to let me know she has room for a flight to get Lee to Italy, in May this year.
We don't have the funds yet for this flight so please keep sharing this around xoxox. You never know where it may land and many hands make light work. Lots of little donations count!
Sending all our love,
Lee and Catherine

Pic is during one of my Visits to Australia while Lee was at the very forward thinking Riding School Blinkbonnie, where every rider loved Lee and Christine was always so helpful to anything I needed or wanted to do with Lee while he was staying with her. Thank you Christine and everyone at Blinkbonnie xox
Merry Christmas from Lee! So far we have raised over $1,000 towards our funds to fly Lee to be with us in Italy. Thank you all so much for donations made but also for sharing it. Love, love, love to everyone!!
Lee's 23rd Birthday was yesterday! I have had updates from both International flight companies for transporting Lee and both have given very similar prices and routes - Melbourne - Amsterdam then trucked to Italy. There is sometimes horses going to Rome but very rare so if there is a flight that comes up for that next year when they are travelling for Rome and we have raised the funds, this will be far easier travel for him. lee sends huge kisses to everyone and we are sending you all huge hugs!
Photo is when Lee was being leased by a very beautiful lady named Kerrie, she loved him so much that when her lease was finished she insisted she float him to his new destination to make sure he was going somewhere ok. She was always so respectful of our bond and whenever I visited Australia i was always at her place to ride/visit/see Lee again.
Thank you!!!!
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$14,212 raised
GOAL $20,500
29 donations
since Nov 2020
Fundraising for
Catherine Birmingham
This is for my horse Lee to be able to join me in our new home country of Italy. We are not able to pay for his flight here and it has been an ongoing challenge to ensure he is taken care of in Australia. Thank you everyone who is helping Lee get to his family!!!
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