Dreads 4 Dosh! - Avner, MNDWA, Movember

$6,730 raised
GOAL $15,000
27 donations
since Sep 2020

The simple plan is - the more Dosh for the Beneficiaries, the more Dreads, the more Colours and the more Crazy!

My name is Andrew Ross, and I am taking the opportunity to raise funds for a few different causes, which all have close ties to my life, work history and current employment. Over my 20 or so years in the mining industry I have experienced many highs and lows, all of which have made me into the person I am today. Those that know me, will have seen me grow and develop over the years, sometimes, not always for the better.

The mining industry is a great industry, challenging and rewarding, but at times it brings with it a lot of pressure and stress, something that can and does affect you both physically and mentally. Though I feel very fortunate to have had the experiences and opportunities I have had, and to be where I am today, I know I haven’t always done the right thing for my own physical or mental health. It has taken far too many years to realise and admit that I am not, in fact, bulletproof. Over the years I have gained many great friends and colleagues, unfortunately I (and those around me) have lost many too.

I now find myself in a position to be able to share my story and others stories in the hope we can raise some money for some good causes and have a heap of fun doing it, whilst remembering the seriousness and challenges of life and doing what we can to make the world a better place.

I am generally a ‘short-back-and-sides’ guy, but as you may have noticed, that has gone out the window in recent times. Having said that, the new look is not really suiting me, so I think it’s time to do something about it. Instead of just seeing this great mop disappear, it was suggested we do something fun instead…. but what?? and why??

After a little brainstorming…. DREADLOCKS are the what! And the why? Well firstly, why not! Secondly, to raise money and awareness around matters that mean the most to me and those around me! So now we have “Dreads 4 Dosh” and over the next 3 months I intend on deadlocking, colouring and decorating my hair in support of the following organisations, not only to raise much needed funds but to raise awareness around our mental and physical health.

Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation (Purple Dreads) – https://avnersfoundation.org.au/
Our mission is to dramatically increase survival rates and quality of life for people impacted by pancreatic cancer.

Blue Tree Project (Blue Dreads) – https://www.bluetreeproject.com.au/
Our mission is to help spark difficult conversations and encourage people to speak up when battling mental health concerns.

MNDWA (Orange Dreads) – https://www.mndawa.asn.au/
To be the recognised provider of care and support for people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and their families in Western Australia (WA) by adopting person and family centred best practices.

Movember (Black Dreads) – https://au.movember.com/
We are the leading charity changing the face of men’s health. We know what works for men – and what doesn’t.

Over the coming months I will provide information and stories relating to each of these organisations, what they stand for and what they mean to me and why they were chosen to be the beneficiaries of this campaign.

All funds raised will be split equally across all 4 groups. Not one cent of any funds raised will be used for covering fundraising costs or hairdressing!


Hi Guys,
Just a quick update as we get to the end of October - what a fantastic couple of months it's been with so many great stories and conversations, and not to mention a bit of Dosh rolling in. Hopefully, we can kick this thing home during Movember! Stay Safe and Thanks Again!
Hi Guys, Thanks for your contributions! Been a massive week spreading the word, sharing the WHATs and more importantly the WHYs of DREADS 4 DOSH. Really hoping the efforts make a difference and we get more and more support. I have one more WHY video to share today then the count down.... I'm booked in with Karissa for Zappers Dreads Monday. Thanks Again
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$6,730 raised
GOAL $15,000
27 donations
since Sep 2020
Fundraising for
My Cause Gift Fund for Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA (MNDWA), PanKind The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and Movember
Funds donated to the My Cause Gift Fund will be disbursed to Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA (MNDWA), Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and Movember. The trustees will always disburse funds to the nominated cause, however in the case that that is not possible, the funds will be disbursed to a DGR charity at the trustees discretion.
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