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GOAL $16,000
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since Jun 2020

Could you imagine, for just a moment, your kids walking 28 kilometres every day to and from school in an area where it’s common for young girls to experience sexual violence as well as children being struck by vehicles or kidnapped.

In 2019 in the small Danida Village of Uganda:
• 19 vehicles hit children, including 10 motorbikes and 9 serious car accidents.
• 4 children were involved in accidents which broke their legs or they became disabled
• 20 young girls were sexually harassed on their way to school

On the 20th September 2019, Timothy Kigenyi, an orphaned boy of 9 years old who had a dream to become a doctor, was crossing the road on his trek to school where he was ran over by a truck and lost his life.

Just like we have safe transport for students in our community, let’s provide the same opportunity for 60 children in Jinja, Uganda by fundraising for Bulera Millenium Child Ministries for a community van ($10,000).

To reach this goal, on the 10th August I will be solo hiking the 1,200 kilometre Heysen Trail from Parachilna Gorge to Cape Jervis. I’ll be walking similar distances to what the children in the Danida village walk each day.

Every $30 donation provides safe transport for one child in Uganda for a year!

$30 = one child safely transported to school for a year
$90 = three children safely transported to school for a year
$150 = five children safely transported to school for a year

Every dollar over the $10,000 goal will go towards water tanks, other facilities and supplies for the newly-opened violence shelter in Jinja, ran by the Women's Rights Initiative. Find out more about the women's shelter here:

After two months of working with these organisations they became close friends to me. I was inspired by their ongoing determination to make a positive change in their community. After keeping in contact with them for over four years and following their achievements, I want to continue to make a positive difference in their community.


Women's Rights Initiative
Instagram: @WORIWOMEN

Bulera Millennium Child Ministries
Instagram: @buleramillennium

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$11,528 raised
GOAL $16,000
140 donations
since Jun 2020
Fundraising for
Women's Rights Initiative and Bulera Child Ministries
The Women’s Rights Initiative (WORI) is an action-oriented organisation working with women and youth in the Eastern Region of Uganda. Through programmes in human and women’s rights awareness, advocacy, and education we promote leadership development, sexual and reproductive rights, and empowerment.
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