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$6,705 raised
GOAL $30,000
49 donations
since May 2020

The Cuban people and government have always been the first to send medical and other assistance around the world in times of crisis. In the times of COVID19 they have again risen to the challenge but at the same time the US blockade on Cuba prevent them from accessing much needed testing kits and surgical masks for use in Cuba. We, branches of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society nationally would like to raise some funds to assist Cuba in getting these much needed materials in solidarity and appreciation of what they do.
We thank you all for your kind donations and please share this page to among your networks.

Australia-Cuba Friendship Societies, ACFS Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Albury, Sydney, Darwin & Canberra branches.


A big thanks to all ACFS members and supporters for their kind donations and solidarity.
All your contributions helped ACFS raise the necessary funds to support Cuba fight against covid at home and abroad.
In friendship and solidarity, Australia-Cuba Friendship Society.
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Albury Wodonga & Newcastle branches.
We would like to thank you all for your valuable support to the ACFS national fundraising campaign. Your donation assisted ACFS in raising the necessary funds to help the Cuban people fighting COVID-19 at home and abroad.

A big hug in solidarity,

Australia-Cuba Friendship Societies, ACFS
Dear ACFS members, friends and supporters,
We would like to firstly thank you for all your donations and for sharing the link and speaking with people about Cuba and its efforts against COVID-19 at home and abroad.
Cuba has currently 28 international medical brigades in 24 countries. We are pleased to hear that in recognition of Cuba's solidarity the medical brigade Henry Reeve has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
This national fundraising campaign ends on the 8th June, we are a bit shy of our target. Several unions and other organisations have pledge some support so hopefully we will get there.
From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and please share the link so we all can Dig deeper for Cuba.

In friendship and solidarity,

Australia-Cuba Friendship Societies.
Thanks for donating to my Fundraising Page Covid-19 help for Cuba .
I am really grateful for your generous help in reaching my goal.
Your support helps Cuba fight against Covid-19 at home and abroad.
Update: we are confident that with the support from all over Australia
we will reach our target.
ACFS national campaign. E:
Please share the link.

Kind Regards,
To all our friends, donors and supporters, we heard on Sunday 24th May 2020 that #Cuba's monumental international solidarity has currently 28 medical brigades in 24 countries. That is 1,579 health professionals assisting the fight against COVID-19 abroad. The Cuban people are being looked after but the short supplies have an impact on the Cuban people. We are confident that with your support we will reach our target.
Viva Cuba!
Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, ACFS nationally.
A big shout to all our supporters and donors.
Much appreciated. Please share the link and encourage your networks to join the fundraising effort.
In friendship and solidarity.
Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, ACFS
To all our friends and supporters of Cuba we ask you to help us support Cuban health professionals who are fighting COVID-19 at home and abroad.
Recently ABC Radio National interviewed Dr John Kirk from Canada about the role of Cuba in its fight against Covid-19 and the international brigade Henry Reeve who have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Here you can listen to the interview for some background information:

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$6,705 raised
GOAL $30,000
49 donations
since May 2020
Fundraising for
The Cuban people
The humble Cuban people fighting against COVID-19 while helping others abroad. Cuban has currently more than 1200 health professionals in 23 countries assisting fight the pandemic.
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ACFS WA (Society Cheque Account)
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