The Late Arrivals Club Commemorative Run

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11 days. 1100km across the desert. Four veterans will push their minds and their bodies to the limits in honour of three WWII veterans who survived against all odds after crash landing behind enemy lines in the Western Desert.

In 1942, three Australian veterans narrowly escaped death when their twin-engine bomber came down in enemy territory. Stuck in the Libyan desert with little food and water, inadequate clothing, and only the heavy compass they managed to salvage from the plane to guide them, they walked for 11 days, covering 225km, until finally, on March 26th, they found rescue amongst allies.

Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, Reginald (aka Mick) Ey, Pommy Mills and Johnny Hunt embodied the essence of what it means to be Australian: mateship, courage, perseverance and the will to survive.

For their remarkable feat, these men were inducted into the Late Arrivals Club, membership of which consists solely of aircrew who crashed or were forced down behind enemy lines in the Western Desert and took more than 48 hours to walk to safety.

To commemorate this remarkable feat, Mick Ey’s grandson, Jason Ey, along with three of his mates, will attempt their own challenge in tribute to these three brave Australians. They will run for 11 days, traveling 1100km across the Nullarbor Plain.

So why does Jason want to do this? “I want to pay tribute to my Grandad's 11 day walk across the desert after he was shot down behind enemy lines. Grandad was rescued on March 26th, which will be the day we finish and it's also my 40th birthday. So many of our Australian heroes from previous conflicts have passed away and taken their stories with them. We need to make sure their service and sacrifice is never forgotten and always celebrated in our Australian culture.”

In total, Mick Ey survived five plane crashes during World War II. Had he not survived, Jason Ey would not be alive today. Many similar stories have been documented and many more have been forgotten. This Commemorative Run is about reminding all Australians of the courage and sacrifice our veterans have demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate. We may not always know of their stories, but we should all respect and honour their service.

The money raised in support of this event will go towards expenses incurred by the runners and their support crew. All surplus funds will be donated to Legacy WA, a charity that supports the families of deceased or incapacitated veterans.


Just 2 weeks to go until our runners get under way and training has ramped up. The support team is also working hard getting everything ready for our departure.

We have now past 20% of our fundraising goal and are gearing up for a big finish while on the road. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, your assistance has allowed us to get this far. Please continue to share our cause so that we can maximise donations to LegacyWA.
Thank you all so much for supporting us! We have passed 10% of our fundraising goals which means that we can start making arrangements for our March departure.

Our team is very committed to making this event a success and we are all doing our part to ensure that happens. You can help us spread the word by sharing this page far and wide.

Please take time this Christmas to remember those families whose loved ones are no longer with them, and those families whose loved ones can't be home because of their service.

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Merry Christmas to all of you.

The Late Arrivals Team
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$16,403 raised
GOAL $50,000
109 donations
since Nov 2019
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The Late Arrivals Club Commemorative Run
All funds raised will go towards expenses incurred by The Late Arrivals Club Team. Surplus funds will be donated to Legacy WA, a charity supporting the families of deceased and incapacitated veterans.
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