Australian Women's Day 22 September 2019

$30 raised
GOAL $20,000
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since Aug 2019

At Australian Women’s Day, our mission is to eliminate violence towards women by 2030. The date of 22 September was chosen as statistically as violence against women goes up 40.7% with the impact of the footy finals season.
We have chosen 22 September, as a national day to celebrate the women and girls of Australia. At Australian Women’s Day we stand for ALL women of Australia, all race, colour, religion, sexuality, mental and bodily ability to come back together under the common bond of WOMAN.
With your support, we're focused on:
1. Setting up Australian Women's Day as a not-for-profit (a legal entity to manage the national fund),
2. Paying legal fees,
3. Acquiring deductible gift recipient (DGR) status, and
4. Setting up an Identity Council to ensure that all women's voices and interests are represented.
100% of the the donations we receive will go towards forming Australian Women’s Day as a not-for-profit and achieving charitable status in 2020.
All our donors names will be featured on our website and social media channels.
This historic event is a chance for women to say, 'We are the ones. We are the change makers. We are the people who will step forward.' Australian Women’s Day is the catalyst we've been waiting for and we need money to seed fund the day, building from here to 2020 and beyond.
Together we can do this. Together we can lead the change we want to see!

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$30 raised
GOAL $20,000
1 donations
since Aug 2019
Fundraising for
Australian Women's Day - 22 September 2019
We are currently a start-up movement run entirely by volunteers, with a plan to form a not-for-profit in 2020. We're creating Australian Women's Day for our future Australian women, our little girls and boys who we want to live in a country that is diverse and inclusive! It's time to stand together!
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Australian Women's Day
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