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Greetings and salutations and an excited "Hello!!!"

Please allow me to introduce myself;

My name is Dale. Over the years I have been called many many different things, surprisingly enough, the greater amount of them have been good things. One name that you will not hear someone address me as is lucky.
Now please dont get me wrong here and dismiss my story as just another "What about me?" with a hand out, because if you did, then that would mean less of something and more of nothing.....huh?? Now im confused.

I do consider myself to be not lucky, though fortunate and grateful that you have taken time to hear this tale.
I have worked hard by any standard and absurdly hard by most, for well over a 20 year period prior till now, doing all the hard yards, overtime, weekends, cashies, giving 110% everyday with the expectation that hard work pays off and after a period of time, that I would begin to see the fruits of my labour begin to ripen. Well it seems that after 20+ solid years, I am finding myself broke, but not broken, faced with services being cut off, my income ceasing and the letter from the bank stating that the roof over my head now belongs to them and I have 14 days to get out from under it. BooHoo right! Yeah shit go I say but if it was just me that it affected, then I would more than likely just tough it out, bust my hands to the bone and start again.

I have started again more than once too. A number of years ago, life threw me a real kick in the guts(myself and many others) when I lost my partner to suicide. A more beautiful young lady, whose name was Arlis, is one of the reasons i choose to remember that I am fortunate. Although her time was respectfully, by her choice, short on this world, any and all who's world she entered and touched will always be a far brighter and more beautiful world thereafter. I am very fortunate and grateful for every and all of the moments we shared. As you might imagine though life at that point was confusing and i would say hazy following.
I just flat out landed on my knees. Started again.
Not one to let life and challenge get the better of me, I stubbornly grabbed life by the balls, stared death in the face and after time found myself able to smile again. It is what I like to do. when you bring a smile in amongst everyday mediocrity, it does no harm at all to anyone or lucky and it may actually impact on someone else day in a positive manner that will help their day to be even slightly brighter. You might just distract them for a moment from their grand struggle long enough that they may even flash you a smile back.
It is contagious.

Smiling got me by for a long time. If I could smile during my day, then it was a good day.

Carlie comes into my world. Beautiful, intelligent, stubborn and just perfect in every way. I am head over heels in love like you could not believe. We both are decided that our lives are together, and we start to even talk about the possibilities. I actually dreamed a real dream for the first time in over ten years!!! WOW that was an experience long forgotten.

Just as life looks grand BAM!!! Carlie is in hospital 5 times during a twelve month period with, as you might guess some very severe and dire health problems.The details I don't need to elaborate on at this point the impacts of ongoing severe health and trauma takes a substantial toll on everyone, as i have no doubt that many others would concur.
Carlie not physically able to work, myself in the mindset that money can wait, devote myself to Carlie aiding in her treatment/recovery was not sustainable employed for a period totalling twelve months. This was an on again off again scenario that could not be foreseen nor planned for. Just winged it. Twelve months NO INCOME. Yes there was just a standard centre link payment for 3 of those twelve which given our circumstances i was disgusted by! Of course having a good work ethic meant that as soon as I felt Carlie could cope on her own during the good periods, naturally with no income, I would get straight back in to try and earn some bucks and keep our heads above water. This is where work ethic screwed us. A number of times when Carlie's health unexpectedly deteriorated, there was time off, hospital admissions, and ongoing treatment meant days, weeks off and from a money hungry company perspective an "unreliable employee" even though they were fully aware and informed of our situation. This was not an isolated case of corporate greed either. 3 times I found myself just absolutely speechless, sickened and disgusted with the omission of any sort of compassion on a company level and i really would like this part heard - Those individuals that make the company decisions, irrespective of pathetic excuses, false justifications or blame shifting, you are all less than upstanding citizens and should never again be able to spend one of your greedy green dollars without wondering when it will happen to you!!!! I do not wish it upon you as it is not in my nature. You know who you are - Karma!
My apologies to everyone else for that point being needed to be said.

Needless to say, this whole experience since health issue start until now has been impacting upon our lives for well over two years. During a period that we idealy would be planning the better part of the rest of our lives has led us to now. Absolute financial despair! Broke, hungry soon to be homeless. Emotionally almost ruined. Carlie has gone to her parents home with the pending foreclosure of our home and this is my last ditch effort to make a heartfelt plea to any and all who have read our story, perhaps, have been able to overcome their own life adversities and find themselves in a position that enables you to help us financially, please do. If the relentless financial burden could be eased from our shoulders, will give us the freedom and energy back to us that we want to invest in each other and all of those around us. I love this beautiful little lady with every part of me and so desperately want for her to be able to smile again as before and proudly give us a chance at the life that could be.

Anything at all is deeply appreciated and those who choose not to or are unable to, I would still like to convey a deep appreciation for sharing part of our story and would kindly ask that it be passed on. Yes more readers means more potential donations, though of a far greater and far reaching value are the social impacts of good deeds done, generating a ripple affect that can be contagious, just like a smile, and lead to more help in more places and more happy fortunate individuals.

I AM lucky. Lucky to be who I am with the very few and very cherished loved ones that I share this journey with.

Thank you all once again. Don't forget to smile. It will change someone’s day.

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