Second Chance Animal Rescue Community Animal Hospital Equipment Drive

$2,756 raised
GOAL $15,000
24 donations
since Jul 2018

The SCAR Community Animal Hospital is due to open in Craigieburn in September!


By providing our community with affordable veterinary options for the care of their pets we want to make high-quality desexing and veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. We will become Hume’s very first non-profit animal hospital, offering underprivileged pet owners more options when it comes to caring for their pet’s needs.


By bringing their pets to our hospital for care, clients support the plight of homeless pets as any proceeds from the SCAR Animal Hospital will benefit the mission and programs at Second Chance Animal Rescue Inc.


We need your support to purchase some vital pieces of equipment for the hospital:


The Bair Hugger Patient warmer

As animal surgical procedures become longer and more complex, the need to keep patients from becoming hypothermic is greater than ever. The Bair Hugger Warmer provides clinical warmth to the animal before, during and after surgery with forced warm air being pushed and ventilated through a blanket. This results in better patient temperatures and recovery. 

Cost $2000


Oxygen Therapy Incubator

Oxygen incubators supply oxygen to unwell animals.Used for hypothermic newborn puppies and kittens and for critical care patients and animals struggling with respiratory distress.

Cost $3500


Anaesthetic machine

Anaesthetic machines are designed to deliver oxygen and anaesthetic agent to animals during surgical procedures. They remove CO2 when the animal exhales and facilitates controlled ventilation while blocking pain during procedures. 

Cost $3000


Portable ultrasound machine

Similar to an ultrasound used to monitor a human pregnancy, this machine will help us diagnosing everything from pregnancy to intestinal problems and heart disease. it is a vital piece of equipment for assessing pet health and that keeps the animal stress free.

Cost $5000


Emergency treatment scissor lift table

Helping staff to avoid injury trying to lift heavy animals onto treatment tables and allowing easy transport of surgical patients from the preparation area into theatre. It is also very helpful transferring larger canine patients from the car to the treatment area in emergency situations. 

Cost $1500


Isolation cages

Isolation cages enable potentially infectious animals to be isolated from healthy patients while receiving treatment for their condition. Having a separate Isolation room in our Community Animal Hospital means that we can offer life saving treatment to all companion animals in need.

Cost $15,000



veterinary autoclave is quite possibly the most important piece of veterinary equipment in the clinic With the help of a cloud of steam and elevated pressure, maintains a temperature that is too high for any bacteria, virus, fungi or parasite to survive in. This ensures that surgical equipment is free from nasty bacteria and keeps pets safe while in our care.

Cost $20,000


Digital X-ray machine

X-rays are a non-invasive way for us to look at tissues, bones and organs. Having the equipment on hand means we are able to quickly diagnose injuries particularly in emergency situations. This is convenient for pet owners as their pets can have all treatment done at our hospital and are given the best opportunity for recovery.

Cost $50,000

$2,756 raised
GOAL $15,000
24 donations
since Jul 2018
Fundraising for
Second Chance Animal Rescue
We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs and cats that have been abandoned or are due to be put to sleep in pounds across Victoria. Through fostering, shelter volunteers and our pet outreach program we have adopted over 10000 animals to new homes since 2008.

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