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Fundraiser Nick Sullivan
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“Just because I can’t see the stars, doesn’t mean I can’t reach for them”

Hello, my name is Kelly. I am thirteen years old and I live in North Melbourne. I currently attend school at University High School which is located in Parkville. I love all things music, I can break dance, beatbox, DJ, make my own music electronically, play the guitar and drums. I also have an extremely wide range of musical genres thanks to my parents. My favourite subject at school would have to be English, Science is definitely a close second.

My eyes are not like any others. I was born with Blue Cone Monochromatism which is a rare condition that has my light-sensitive cells used for colour vision or cones affected. There are different cones these being Red, Blue and Green. A person like me with Blue Cone Monochromatism means that my Red and Green cones are not working as they should be. But, my blue cone is working perfectly fine. Some side effects of this are extremely low vision and trouble seeing detail and small print, as well as light sensitivity.

Now, enough about me and on to the topic at hand, Space Camp. Space Camp (if you don't already know) is a six-day camp at the US Space and Rocket Centre located in Huntsville, Alabama, America. From 1998 and onwards the Department of Education Statewide Vision Resource Centre has encouraged some 350 blind or visually impaired students from mainstream schools to attend their trip of a lifetime at the camp. All the students and I realise that just because we are blind or have a vision impairment doesn't mean we can’t participate like everyone else. At the camp, we will meet different people from other countries who have the same, similar or completely different eye conditions. It will take a week for the camp to be set up for all the students. All the buttons and screens will be fitted with bigger font software and braille so every student has an opportunity. Voice output technology is put into place. Upon arrival, the students will go through briefing and will undertake a simulated mission. We will launch rockets and land shuttles as well. Space Camp is a great experience for us as it can lead to bigger opportunities in the future. This experience is heavily focussed on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and will help in my school development.

I have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the participants. This program is seeking a hand up not a handout. It is operated by volunteers both for the preparation and for the program. The process of getting to Space Camp is important in the development of students confidence and self-esteem, including myself. I need to raise the $8000 to cover the cost of the camp, airfares and accommodation. I have set my target on here to $6000 as I will be undertaking other fundraising events such as busking in the CBD, sausage sizzles and possibly a fundraising movie night.

If you are able to assist in supporting me in my quest to get to Space Camp, it would be greatly appreciated.


With all of your generous donations as well as the other fundraising events such as a bake sale at Kelly's karate grading, a movie night organised by Kelly and Kelly busking in Melbourne CBD - we've reached the goal and he departed yesterday to Space Camp! Here's a quick video from him

Thank you all so much!!
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$3,599 raised
GOAL $6,000
16 donations
since May 2018
Fundraising for
My Cause Gift Fund for
Statewide Vision Resource Centre
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