Russell does the Big Shave for Cancer Support

Fundraiser Russell Farr
Funds go to Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group
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The video of the shave:
UPDATE (30/10): Shave is done! Many thanks to everyone. i believe that it will be possible to donate through this site for the next 3 weeks. Please consider drpping a few bucks down for a very worthwhile cause.
--UPDATE (27/10): Thank you everyone who has donated and offered support to date. The shave will be taking place on Saturday 30 October. There will be pics, and possibly video or even a live feed. still working on this.
--UPDATE (18/10): Thank you everyone who helped me get to $1500! I'm totally stunned by the fantastic support you've shown... I will be definitely doing the shave, regardless of whether I reach $2000 or not. And there will be photos!
--UPDATE (29/09): Thank you everyone who helped me get to $1000 so quickly!
I will be definitely doing the shave, regardless of whether I reach $1500 or not.
Please help me give something back.

The ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group have given my mum a great deal of support. The work they are doing is first rate. It isn't easy being in Perth while she battles cancer in NSW, and to have this support group helping her when I can't be there is a great relief.

To show my appreciation for this I am prepared to look like an idiot.

If you look at the photo, you can see that I'm looking rather hairy. When I reach my target, I'll shave it all off - that is beard and hair.

While I'm hoping to reach my target by 1 November, I'd like to reach this earlier if possible. This will give me time to grow some hair back before I visit mum again in December (she doesn't like shaved heads).


My mum adds:

Russell, I'm so proud of you and yes it is a very worthy cause as they are a fantastic organisation. It will be a great privilege to give back even a small proportion of the very necessary funding that they supply to people like me. They... support all types of cancer patients and for those who haven't been touched by this dreadful disease, although treatment is basically free in the Public Health System there are many additional expenses such as fuel, time off work and medications that have to be paid by the patient personally.

Please support Russell in his fundraising, every little help makes a big difference to people like me.

Russell's Mum

(yes, she really did add the "Russell's Mum" to the comment.)


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