Trading Christmas for hope: Fiji Women and Children Commune

Campaign creator Elena Rowland
Fundraising for Fiji women and Children commune
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since Nov 2017


My name is El and I made a promise after a life-changing battle with depression and anxiety six years ago.

My promise was desperately made at rock bottom as I promised to dedicate the rest of my life to helping others if I ever made it out of my darkness.

My experience changed my life and my promise has been honoured to now and is fiercely fuelled by the scars it left.

This year, I am giving up my Christmas and New Years and going to a women and children's commune in Fiji to offer them the gift of hope. These women are locked into a mindset of poverty and mental illness, have no direction or hope and have nothing to be grateful for.

This crowd funding campaign is because these women need our practical help also. We need resources to help fund buisness opportunities for the families to help them out of poverty. The funds will go towards buying seeds to plant gardens or beads to make jewellery or may go towards their education to teach them new skills.

Any money given will be matched by an NGO who is supporting my plight.

Please follow my journey and I will show you how worthy this cause is and where your resources will be going if you decide to gift.


El x


Gday supporters.
Just doing a bit of christmas shopping before heading to the Womens and children commune in a couple weeks. From past experiences these ladies usually need really simple things that we take for granted such as:

Sanitary and hygiene items
Pain killers
Foot wear
Sewing kits

I'm also getting them:

Journals and pens
Lip balm
Nail polish
Bracelet making kits.

I'm hoping there is enough room in my bag for everything so will definately be packing light.

If you can think of anything else I should bring for them that is travel easy, let me know.

Thankyou for donations thus far.

Bless you

El x
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$225 raised
GOAL $2,000
3 donations
since Nov 2017
Fundraising for
Fiji women and Children commune
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Elena Rowland
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