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When I first heard about the 'Asia for Animals' Conference, I knew that my animal communicator teacher, Christina Burki had to present!

Christina is an amazing animal communicator and gestalt psychotherapist. I know, first hand, how Christina can inspire change in human behaviour to create positive change in the lives of animals. It is her vision to connect animals and human beings around the globe and her vision is now coming alive!

Christina wrote a beautiful and poignant abstract, based on scientific research, and was accepted by the world famous Jane Goodall Institute to present a poster presentation!!!

Upon hearing her abstract had been accepted, Christina wasted no time organising further use of her trip. As well as presenting at the conference, Christina will be conducting a seminar in Delhi, meeting some of her international animal communication students, and supporting local shelters and individuals who work tirelessly to improve the lives of animals.

Although Christina is paying for ALL her own expenses associated with this trip, I felt it extremely important to start this campaign in order to empower Christina's efforts to support local shelters and animal welfare workers. I know that Christina's vision to connect humans and animals around the globe is coming to fruition and that, with your kind generosity, the shelters that Christina has chosen, and the animals they care for, will get much needed support.

Please consider donating to this campaign so that Christina may extend your kindness when she is there in person-every single dollar raised will go to animals in need.

To learn more about Christina and her work, the Asia for Animals Conference and the shelters Christina has decided to support, please follow the links below:

Please Note: One couple that started 'Make New Life' do not have a website. To learn about what they do, please see attached photo explaining their incredible work.

Asia for Animals Conference:

Learn more about Christina’s work!

Kathmandu Shelter:

Nepal Shelter:

Delhi Shelter:

Udaipur Shelter:



My heart goes out to the dogs and cats on the street in Nepal and India. Of course also to the other animals in need.
We people can change and they deserve our support. I always feel as communicator how much love and support animals are ready to give. Often animals even want to take the owners burden on their own shoulders …symbolic spoken.
As communicator I also know how much trauma influences animals in a traumatic way that can stay with them for a long long time.
Imagine these street animals …lonely ..scared ..beaten…sick ..hungry ..They long for love.. they long for safety.
I will go to the shelters and meet the animals on the street. As psychotherapist I will apply trauma therapy if needed and also as communicator I can give healing energy .But that is only symbolic spoken a drop water on a hot stone. The shelters are doing amazing work and I want to support them and bring them money so they can continue and support animals so one day they are all happy.

When you can donate a couple of dollars you change for the better for the animals and they will thank you with symbolic spoken lay their paw in your hand to say we trust you.
In 2 month I will be in Nepal.Look so much forward to meet similarly minded and open hearted people at the Conference.I will connect with wild animals in the Chitwan park.Look forward supporting Sneha and her team in her shelter.Imagine with our support we can help that dogs like this one are healed.I will also support other shelters and animals on the street.Wonderful to connect and communicate with them and when necessary I will give them healing energy.
I will afterward go to India and connect there with animals and their saviors.
These animals need us! We can't look away ..we can by even donating $5 change and bring in peace and harmony.Animals deserve our help and also the people there who help them.
I thank all who stand beside the animals, their helpers and me and I promise that after I came back I will update you where your money went and show you pictures of the animals I met!
Here you can see a dog on the street that was helped my Sneha team.

As you know I am busy preparing for my presentation for the 10th "Asia for Animals" conference that will be held in December in Kathmandu, Nepal. The trip for me means more than just a visit to the conference. I want to connect with the animals there and their carers .

Besides being there, connect and give them healing energy all for free, I would love to bring them money to bring in financial support. After my trip to Nepal, I will be heading to India to my students from India, giving seminars and will also visit animals in shelters and bring in support in different ways.

In both countries support for animals is urgently needed!

Andrea one of my wonderful students of my animal communication training in Perth, Australia created a fundraising campaign that will raise the beneficial money that I can offer to the local shelters and animal welfare workers.

My vision is to connect humans and animals around the globe. I feel my vision starts in Nepal and India and I will go on in other countries. When we connect deeply even with giving financial support we will grow closer together till it is everywhere normal that animals are joyful. free and safe and in wonderful connection with humans. Our world will be a better place have a look at my video:

As animal communicator I listen daily to animals and can tell you they have feelings like you and me and have a deep wisdom to share with us .I will spend time with these animals, quality time, can pass on healing energy and love to them. As animal communicator I know that animals need our respect and acceptance. They deserve our support and we can give them back their dignity. It would be amazing when I could give so much money to their carers that they can heal and nurture these animals and give also other animals on the street a better future .

Thank you for standing beside the animals, their carer and with me!
All Creatures Great And Small (ACGS) is a non-profit organization, that provides shelter for animals in distress. With the construction of the shelter completed in February 2013, the dogs have moved in, and are enjoying their new home. The shelter is located on a 2.5 acre plot alongside our organic farm, in Faridabad, Haryana, about 1.5 hours outside of Delhi, India.

ACGS is currently caring for more than 100 dogs, and the number increases daily. We plan to accept more dogs as well as other distressed animals in the future. At our facility we hope to soon have the capacity to administer all veterinary services and surgeries, with plenty of room for the animals to rest and recuperate.

At ACGS our endeavor is to synergies the existence of all beings with the environment to ensure a discrimination free harmony. Come join us on our journey to strengthen the connection between animals, humans and the environment. We strive to improve the wellbeing of all by creating a future that is based on the foundation of compassion.
SNEHA'S CARE-One of the shelters that will receive vital support when you donate to this campaign!

Image: Street dog receiving much needed medical treatment after being stabbed by a sharp object.

Sneha’s Care is one of the largest animal welfare charities of Nepal. Established in 2014 by animal advocate Ms. Sneha Shrestha to protect the street and community dogs from torture, cruelty or ill usage of any kind, it has long campaigned to develop the welfare of man’s best friend.

Sneha’s Care is continuously campaigning and attempting to introduce animal welfare law in Nepal for improved safeguards for animals and penalties for animal abuse and cruelty. We are also actively spreading animal welfare awareness on a national scale and educating the public to be compassionate to all nonhumans.
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$870 raised
GOAL $1,000
16 donations
since Aug 2017
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Christina Burki
Christina Burki, animal communicator and gestalt psychotherapist, is presenting at the 'Asia for Animals' conference, Kathmandu. Christina is paying all personal expenses but wishes to visit and support shelters in Kathmandu and India. All money raised will go to the selected animal welfare shelters
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