Youthworks College 'Dusty Boots' Pilbara mission

$8,470 raised
GOAL $6,000
16 donations
since May 2017

Campaign Update >> Thanks to you, the 'Dusty Boots' Pilbara mission is now fully funded! Your generosity means we reached 141% of our fundraising goal. 
Your gifts given above the target will be used by Youthworks College to cover the unexpected and ongoing costs of running a remote area mission.
Thank you for jumping in 'boots and all' to make gospel ministry to kids and families in remote Aboriginal and mining communities happen--right now!
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Jump in 'boots and all' to enrich gospel ministry among children and youth in remote indigenous communities!
With your help, Youthworks College must raise $6,000 by July 6 to lead a team of students on a two-week mission, sharing the gospel with kids in remote indigenous communities of North-West Australia in partnership with Bush Church Aid and Norwest Anglican Church.

Children in the Pilbara are often at risk from families traumatised by neglect, violence, abuse, incarceration and mental or other illnesses – all of which are significant indicators of future disadvantage.

They are also in great spiritual need to know God’s love for them, and the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Mission partner, Richard Goscombe, Bush Church Aid Field Staff in Wickham says,

“Many kids in remote communities are drawn into negative cycles and if they stand out from their peers, they feel isolated. When the Youthworks College team comes, kids realise they are not alone. Youthworks College has an incredible impact on families in remote communities: they see God’s love in action and they know it’s real.”

Your support can help break the negative cycles kids in remote communities are drawn into by showing them “the most excellent way” to live!

And at the same time, as you support this mission trip, you will also be providing Youthworks College students with unique opportunities to learn valuable skills for cross-cultural ministry within Australia, that will equip them for future ministry in all walks of life.

With the generous commitment of our mission partners, Bush Church Aid and Norwest Anglican Church, we’ve secured the initial funding, people support and accommodation to run this year’s mission: Bush Church Aid has given $10,000 towards students’ airfares, Norwest Anglican Church is sending a group of volunteers to support the team, and Wickham Anglican Church will be our host – providing meals and accommodation. Students also contribute to the cost of the mission through their fees.

However, there remains a gap of $6,000 to cover the full cost of getting the mission team there.   

Your support will help us to fully fund the trip and send Youthworks College students to get their ‘working boots’ dusty and enrich the ministry of the gospel among at-risk kids in remote indigenous communities who don’t know Jesus.

A mission like this is the only chance these kids get to hear about Jesus.” - Josh Goscombe, Youthworks College graduate

To help guide you with your giving:

• $150 will cover one student’s transport costs

• $175 will supply one student’s food for one week of the mission

• $350 will buy a student’s food for the entire mission

• $500 will cover the daily expenses (food and transport) for a student

• $1,000 will buy one student’s airfare

• $1,500 will fund one student to go on the mission

Thank you for whatever gift you are able to give today to help us overcome the $6,000 funding gap, and enable us to meet the full cost of running this mission trip.

$8,470 raised
GOAL $6,000
16 donations
since May 2017
Fundraising for
Youthworks College
Raising a new generation of leaders with specialist training in youth and children's ministry--because young people matter to God.

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