Help make Jack's dreams and goals come true

Campaign creator Amy Prothero
Fundraising for Jack Donovan
$2,845 raised
GOAL $5,000
48 donations
since Feb 2017

Please help and make some of Jack's life long dreams and goals come true before it's too late.
Jack was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in June 2016 and has been given roughly 7 years to live, due to this terminal illness. At the young age of 27 this came as a big shock to Jack and all the people that know and love him.
Jack has recently decided to maximise the time he has left and try and achieve all that he can in this short space of time. But of course all dreams cost money!
This is where your help comes in. Due to this horrible disease Jack is finding it hard to work fulltime like he used to, making his bucket list nearly impossible to achieve. With the long road ahead for Jack's health with the various treatments that are planned to prolong Jack's life, we see it will be nearly impossible to get some of the things Jack would love to accomplish in life ticked off without asking for donations!

Please help him reach his dreams before its too late and while he is fit enough to do so!!!

It was hard to do but he finally did his buckets list, something you never think you will have to do... please help him achieve his dreams while he can!

•Travel the whole of route 66 in America (hopefully via harley) and visit Orlando / disney world theme parks
•Scuba dive in hawaii
•Safari in south africa and visit lake malawi
•Shark cage dive in port Lincoln with great white (Perth)
•Visit and dive in Fiji
•Visit Mexico (spring break)
•Visit brazil (Christ the redeemer statue)
•Visit new Zealand (lord of the rings, largest swing)
•Take a trip to whitsundays dive great barrier reef (queensland)
•Travel to Tokyo and see the city
•Rally drive in a subaru WRX
•Alcoholic bike ride (Amsterdam as it's legal there)
•Big family holiday (anywhere)
•Family paint/draw portrait of Me,Amy, Lio and Cody
•Quad bike adventure (anywhere)
•Learn how to snowboard (anywhere)
•Learn how to become a barrista (anywhere)
•Learn how to rock climb (anywhere)
•Learn how to dive within a cave (anywhere)
•Dive with tiger shark, Bull shark, hammerhead shark

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$2,845 raised
GOAL $5,000
48 donations
since Feb 2017
Fundraising for
Jack Donovan
Please help by raising money for Jack to achieve his dreams/ bucklist before its too late!
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Mr Jack A Donovan
Campaign creator
Amy Prothero
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