Support for the Hakin Family after Melbourne rampage

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Funds go to Helping a Friend in Need (HAFIN)
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On Friday 20th January 2017, Melbourne experienced one of the most horrific events in recent history. A man out on bail, known to the police, terrorised the public by driving his car recklessly and dangerously through our city centre, before ploughing into crowds of pedestrians.

Four people have died including 10 year old Thalia Hakin. Her mother and sister are injured in hospital and at least 30 other people are injured, some seriously. Grave concerns are held for the mother’s health as she fights for life.

We are all devastated by what has happened.

When I found out the identity of the family I realised with a sick feeling in my gut that I knew them - these little girls were students at our gym.

Two little girls who came to class each week with bright and warm smiles. They were always happy and bubbly and I am heartbroken to know that they have been torn apart in this most senseless and horrific way.

We all feel helpless and hopeless at times like this as there is so little we can do.

However the reports have shown that those on the streets when this horrific event occurred did what they could with what they had to try to prevent further harm or to help the injured.

I feel like starting a campaign isn’t enough but it is what I am personally able to do.

I feel compelled to raise funds for this family. This is a family like any of ours. The public space where they were so terrorised, is a space which belongs to every single one of us.

We CAN band together and try to ease their financial burdens right now when they are going through such unimaginable personal loss.

We CAN give them, and ourselves, hope in humanity at a time when the actions of one deranged man threaten to rob us of all hope and have so unfairly robbed this family of their precious little girl.

Please give what you can to support the family and share this campaign with everyone you know.

I’m using this platform so that all donations are fully tax deductible.

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$143,107 raised
GOAL $150,000
1538 donations
since Jan 2017
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Helping a Friend in Need (HAFIN)
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