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$3,215 raised
GOAL $5,000
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since Oct 2016

Our son Alex has severe Autism, Intellectual disability, ADHD, and OCD, with violence and self-harm issues. We have withdrawn him from his special school because they were having a hard time handling him, and we had concerns about his safety while at school - they seclude him and possibly even restrain him to keep him and others safe.

Since withdrawing him from school, he has become much happier. He is willing to learn and engage with us now, and is learning new skills. We want to help him overcome his behavioural issues so he can be happy, and learn important skills that he will need later on in life. He will always need around the clock care, but any little steps he can take toward independence will make it more likely that we will be able to find a home for him when we can no longer look after him. We don't have any financial assistance however, and he desperately needs therapy more than we can provide by ourselves.

We need some help to finance sessions with his RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) therapist. She has been the only one who has ever been able to reach him and work with him. Since our funding ran out two years ago, we haven't been able to do the therapy, but Alex is ready and willing to learn now, so we need to find a way to afford it.

We would also like to get him a deep pressure machine, to try and help him calm down before he gets to the point of hurting himself. His poor little body is covered in bruises and marks, and his little brother often bears the brunt of Alex's meltdowns. We're hoping that the deep pressure (which he craves) in a way that he can do himself, will help him settle down.

Please help Alex if you can, every little bit is greatly appreciated!


Thank you everyone
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and also to those who have shared our fundraiser through their social networks. Every little bit helps!

Together we have raised $1,415.00 so far for Alex. We have planned on having a major garage sale before Christmas with funds to go towards his therapy - if anyone has any other fundraising ideas please contact me and let me know!

I am really grateful for your generous help in reaching my goal.

With many thanks,
Thank you Debbie and Jacob!
I'm actually brought to tears by your help, you are truly amazing! Thank you so much once again for your loving help and support. I love you AutismMumma!
Martina (and Alex of course).
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$3,215 raised
GOAL $5,000
8 donations
since Oct 2016
Fundraising for
Alex McNeill
My son Alex is turning 8 years old in November. He has severe Autism, Intellectual Disability, ADHD, OCD, with violence and self-harm issues. He can no longer attend school, and we don't receive any funding for him. He needs therapy, please help us by making a donation.
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