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I’m the founder of the Blue Guitar Project that helps keep youth off the streets and supports teenage dreams. We are encouraging teenagers to lead a healthy lifestyle so they can pursue their dreams, and now we want YOU to lead the way and 'Rock July 4 Teenage Dreams' with no smoking, alcohol or drugs.

Please help me support South Sydney High School & Key College Teenage Dreams by raising money in JULY for their 11 session in school Blue Guitar Project.

How YOU can ‘Rock July 4 Teenage Dreams’ :
1. Make the commitment in July to live the Teenage Dream - no smoking, drinking or drugs
2. Raise money
3. Donate to the Blue Guitar Project

Our shared school program costs $35K and we have already raised half of the money so we have another $17,500 to go before we can help these teenagers pursue their dreams.

We are partnering mainstream schools, both Public and Private, with corporates and brands to support underprivileged school groups around Australia and this is our FIRST Partnership program so we need YOUR HELP.

We believe the inclusion of both school groups working together will benefit the way teenagers interact and learn from each other, creating valued relationships and an understanding of human differences moving forward – all in line with the three core pillars of humanity (our 3 chords within the program): Unity, Equality and Freedom.

I created the in-school development program to provide underprivileged teenagers with the same opportunities to pursue their dreams as all young people. Last year a successful 10 week pilot project ran at Key College and now we're here to do it again but this time with South Sydney High School as their partner in the program.

The Blue Guitar Project aims to support these young dreams through our 11 session 3-Chord program: Unity, Equality & Freedom.

UNITY is an in school program made up of 11 x 2 sessions where students will be creating their dream, of a life they want to live...learning photography, video, media, art, production and music skills to express their creativity. Part of this program includes building a Blue Guitar - representing dreams coming true out the blue and building on those dreams. They will also explore the 'Science of Character' that proves we can shape who we are, and who we want to become.

EQUALITY is the final event of the 11 session UNITY program. It is an awesome live event and showcase where the 20 Blue Guitar Stars will present their final project to the entire South Sydney High School featuring a film, photos, finished works and a rockstar performance.

FREEDOM is where the Blue Guitar Project will connect youth to their dream via a 'Dream-Adventure Day': work experience, fun experience, help provide students with contacts, education and other support materials. This gives teenagers the freedom to choose whatever amazing life they want to live.

We need to cover 10 students and here's how your money can help:

$50 Blue Guitar Student Kit (a 100 Page Super COOL Manual & USB )
$100 2 x 2 hour Teen Dream Development Workshops for 1 Student
$150 1 x Student Photobook (given out at their exhibition)
$175 1 x Student Wall of Fame - 2 x framed photos on school wall with story plaque
$200 Blue Guitar Classroom Kit
$300 1 x Student final film Clip & Videoography sessions
$350 6 x 2 hour Lyrics and Music creation sessions for 1 student
$450 5 x 2 hour Photo Workshops for 1 student
$1750 Sponsors 1 Teen Dream through our entire 11 Session Program (2 hours per session)
$2000 School Blue Guitar Workshop and Guitar fully funded

POA - Get your company and message to youth branded on the back of the school guitar neck.

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$1,950 raised
GOAL $17,500
19 donations
since Jun 2016
Fundraising for
Blue Guitar Project
Hi - I'm Roxy Lee, a rock photographer and founder of the Blue Guitar Project that helps keep youth off the streets and supports teenage dreams. I'm helping schools raise money so they can embrace our 3 Chord / 11 Session Program to empower teenagers to develop, celebrate and live their dreams.
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