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Fundraising for Uluibau Primary School
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During my recent stay in Moturiki I taught basic environmental sustainability in the local Uluibau Primary School. I saw first hand the severe damage sustained by cyclone Winston. Homes and classrooms destroyed, severe flooding, crops and farming facilities wiped out, precious possessions lost. It was truly a heartbreaking site to see.

During one of my visits, a few of the grade one and two students decided to take me on a tour of their school. Without hesitation they took my hand and sprinted to the school library.

I slowly walked into the semi-collapsed room, and saw the students sorting through what I thought was a rubbish pile. On closer look they were madly sorting through what was once their school library books, now torn, soaked and destroyed.
One of the students did manage to fish out an alphabet picture book. Alas missing A through to H, the students read me the alphabet with pride and joy. It was then I got a new Fijian nickname, K is for Madam Kim the Kettle.

The small Moturiki village has been receiving some foreign and government aid, however on further investigation this aid is primarily for the structural rebuild of the school classrooms. There is no additional support for educational supplies or equipment.

As such, I am asking for your support to establish a new school library at Uluibau Primary School. Its no myth that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and I believe all children have a right to access education in a safe environment, just as we did growing up.

All raised funds will go to the purchase of new (really cool) reading books.

You may know I am turning 30 really soon, instead of the standard 30th booze up, I have decided to donate that money to this project. Instead of gifts I would be forever grateful if instead you would please donate to this special cause.

The kindness and optimism of the local Moturiki people has touched my heart, and any help you can provide, big or small, will have a life long lasting impact on these beautiful little people.

Thank you,

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$910 raised
GOAL $900
12 donations
since Jun 2016
Fundraising for
Uluibau Primary School
Uluibau Primary School, located in the Moturiki District Fiji. Home to nearly 100 incredibly optimistic, kind and intelligent Fijian kids.
Campaign creator
Kimberley Pickens
Southbank VIC

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