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$5,445 raised
GOAL $5,000
79 donations
since Mar 2016

“Better to light one candle than curse the darkness.”

Imagine having no food, no home, no education and no parents.
That used to be the reality for every child I've met at the OrphFund Children's Homes since becoming involved as a volunteer and visiting their projects in Uganda.
This grass roots organisation is powered by 100% volunteer involvement, including local Ugandan partners.. Meaning every dollar reaches the kids!

There are currently over 600 children in Uganda that OrphFund support by providing education, housing, food and medical care, across three schools and three Children's homes. This work in Africa is truly changing lives.

I'm asking for your help, I’m asking you to SEE THINK FEEL DO -

This is an organisation with a difference, so for any skeptics of the more well known charities - I can personally vouch for the fact that every donation is transforming lives and being directed to the children who need it most. OrphFund’s work is infused with love, soul, energy, creativity and all things that make life better for anyone in the world, let alone the most vulnerable of children.

Money helps makes the difference, so please dig deep and give generously.

Project costs typically include:
-Employment of local builders and trades people
-Building materials for homes and schools (bricks, cement, timber, paint, etc.)
-Furniture, bedding, mosquito nets
-Kitchen equipment (e.g. pots, plates, utensils)
-Seeds/plants and gardening supplies
-Schooling costs
-Clothing and personal items for the children
-Employment of childcare workers and carers
- Medical expenses and health checks

**Note: The total fundraised amount is spent directly and wholly on project requirements. None of the money that is raised is spent on western salaries or administrative expenses.

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$5,445 raised
GOAL $5,000
79 donations
since Mar 2016
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OrphFund is a volunteer based organisation helping abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children around the world, regardless of race or religion.
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