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This little girl is Doreen Joy Wetiatia She needs our help!

She is just 2 years old (b.23/1/14) and is suffering with frontonasal encephalocoele – no bone formation above the nose and as a result her brain is growing down into the resultant cavity forcing the eyes apart as well as a range of other likely medical issues to other vital organs in this sensitive area.

So far little Joy is doing OK but she badly needs an operation to reconstruct her nose/forehead etc.

Joy lives with her Mum (Salome), Dad (David) and older Brother (Nickie) in Nairobi, Kenya. Doreen’s parents are not wealthy and cannot afford the operation to repair her head and give her a normal life. Doctors in Kenya believe that they can carry out the operation successfully but at an estimated cost of Kenya shillings 450,000 – about $A6,500 - for the surgery, implant & rehabilitation.

There is also a personal connection with this case. Joy is in fact the grand-niece of my brother Michael’s wife. Michael & his wife Grace, live in Kitale, Kenya, around six hours drive from Nairobi.

So c’mon we can do this for this little girl. Let us help in giving her a normal life where she will have friends & won’t be shunned by those she comes in contact with at school and other places as she grows up. For most, life in Kenya is hard at the best of times so let us all dig in to help this little girl.

Please, if you can, donate to help this little girl. Every little bit will help.

On behalf of Doreen Joy & her parents a big thank you.

Phil Garbutt


Thank you for your donation
Thank you for donating to our Doreen Joy Campaign. Together we have now raised $1255.00 towards Doreen's future surgery.
We are really grateful for your generous support in helping to reach our goal of $7,000. We still have a long way to go so we ask you to encourage family, friends & colleagues to consider making a donation, no matter how small, towards this little girls essential life saving surgery.
Kind Regards & again, thank you for your support
Phil & Michael Garbutt
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$1,305 raised
GOAL $7,000
16 donations
since Feb 2016
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