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SURG FM is the University of Sydney’s student radio station. From 1pm October 13 through 2pm October 14 we will be hosting a 25-hour marathon charity broadcast to raise money for Headspace. Three presenters – Max Schintler, Alexandra Mildenhall and Alex Tighe – will bring you a non-stop, non-sleep radio bonanza, featuring celebrity interview, guest performances, live music, live parody music, interactive games and…

As we raise money and hit targets, we will attempt increasingly absurd live on-air challenges. If the challenge is for one person to do, we will use a spinner to decide which (un)lucky host performs the dare!



$50 - We all get temporary SURG tattoos (see also $100,000)
$100 - One of us emails a love letter to their tutor (in wingdings (with the last line explaining - in English - that it’s in wingdings))
$150 - One of us dyes their hair deep purple on air (playing ‘Smoke on the Water’ in the background)
$200 - One of us will wax an arm or leg (they choose the limb, we’re not monsters)
$250 - One of us takes a bite out of a raw onion, Tony Abbott style
$350 - One of us attempts to break the record for most marshmallows fit in mouth (44, apparently) while the other two tell them jokes
$500 - One of us calls the Ecuadorian Embassy to inquire about their long-term accommodation packages
$750 - One of us walks into the nearest lecture theatre at 9am on the morning of the 14th and delivers the lecture
$1,000 - AlexT will shave one eyebrow off
$1,250 - …he then has to glue the eyebrow to his upper lip as a moustache
$1,750 - One of us calls a receptionist and tries to convert them to our new religion
$2,000 - One of us completely wraps ourselves in newspaper and remains that way for an hour
$2,500 - One of calls a five star hotel and asks to book a room for the filming of the new documentary series “Sydney’s Worst Hotels”
$3,000 - One of us orders McDelivery of every single item on the menu
$4,000 - One of us calls ASIO and, using their real name, ask them for a job
$6,000 - Max and AlexM pierce their ears on air
$7,500 - Max and AlexM have a rap battle on air
$10,000 - We will pitch a fake story to the Daily Telegraph on air
$12,000 - One of us shaves half our head
$13,500 - The same person glues that hair to their face as a beard
$15,000 – LISTENERS’ CHOICE!!!
$17,500 - One of us makes a pact to name their first child ‘Batman’
$20,000 - Max will transmogrify into Donald Trump (comb over, blonde dye, orange spray-tan)
$25,000 - One of us calls a charter helicopter company and tries to book a flight from the Quad to Carslaw
$30,000 - We will hoist the SURG FM flag in place of the University flag at the Quad
$40,000 - We will call a skywriting company and convince them to write ‘SURG FM’ above the university
$50,000 - LISTENERS’ CHOICE!!!!
$60,000 - Two of us draft a Charlie Sheen-style resignation email for the other person and send it to their place of work
$70,000 - We all donate the clothes we’re currently wearing to King St. Vinnies
$80,000 - One of us will legally change our name to John “Eyebrows” Howard
$90,000 - After the broadcast, we all go to the airport and buy seats on the next domestic flight out of Sydney (out of our own pockets, of course)
$100,000 - We will all get permanent SURG tattoos

Tune in at literally any time of the day on October 13/14 to listen to the challenges play out live on-air at:

Thank-you for your support!

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$4,628 raised
GOAL $100,000
86 donations
since Aug 2015
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