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Please Help Our Little Girl
Our beautiful Amali was born on the 26th September 2013. Her delivery was urgent and due to unexpected and unpredictable complications in the pregnancy her identical twin did not survive.
Amali was immediately transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care unit at the Royal Children Hospital in Melbourne where she was given lifesaving blood transfusions and intensive nursing care. For the first few days Amali was fighting for her life, supported by both her family in Australia and her family in Sri Lanka.
As a result of her traumatic birth, at seven days old Amali was diagnosed with “severe hypoxic brain injury”, which is presenting as quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and below the 3rd percentile head circumference. The specialists believe she will have ongoing developmental issues and delays and Amali has been slow to progress with the therapies we have tried.
At 18months Amali could not roll, could not crawl, could not sit, could not feed herself, could not talk, could not use her left arm or hand properly, Amali would lie unhappily on the floor and cry.
We searched everywhere believing that there must be something better. We wanted to do the best, the most thorough program. Then we found the Institute for Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) it was based in Philadelphia USA.
We attended there “what to do about your brain injured child” course in Melbourne this year, which they offer around the world. The team at the institutes are amazing group of specialists that have been studying well children and brain injured children for the last seventy years. Families all over the world travel to be assessed by them. They expect 100% commitment to the program for the best results.
April 2015 we started this program and we have seen improvements in every area of her development, but most obviously is that Amali is much happier, she has started to move across the floor, she can crawl, she is starting to feed herself. She is now starting to use her left arm, both her hands are now working beautifully. She is also starting to use her words. Amali is finally starting to grow strong and vibrant.

First visit to the IAHP was fantastic, the appointments were thorough but throughout the whole visit the staff at the Institute were caring, hopeful and very aware of the amount of work we put in to get there. We left overwhelmed with the encouragement and hope that the Institute’s staff gave us and with the most thorough program for Amali.

The next step is to take Amali for her second assessment to the Institutes in Philadelphia to be evaluated and for them to refine and write up an intensive individual Program for Amali.
Our aim is to get Amali healthy, strong and crawling on hands and knees and speaking more clearly by the time we return to the Institute in June 2016.
We are determined to give Amali the best life and wish to raise funds to make this ongoing treatment program possible.

Your generous donations will help towards our hope.
Laura and Pradeep Chandrasekara

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$7,915 raised
GOAL $25,000
80 donations
since Jul 2015
Fundraising for
Amali Chandrasekara
Amali was diagnosed with “severe hypoxic brain injury”, which is presenting as Cerebral Palsy and we are aiming to raise funds to allow us to travel to Philadelphia USA for an Intensive Treatment Program which is not available in Australia.
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