Journey to the Center of Your Mind

Fundraiser Tim Moon
Funds go to Beehive Foundation
$5,915 raised
GOAL $4,000
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since Jul 2015

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be totally free of our standard everyday distractions? For 10 days and 10 nights in July I will leave my family and go off to a retreat center with:

- No TV
- No internet
- No phone
- No writing
- No reading
- 10 hours of mediation each day

I like a challenge and I like doing things that support positive action in your community. What I ask is that you sponsor the challenge by donating to this effort - whatever you like. I will match total dollars donated, up to two thousand dollars.

All of the funds will go to the Beehive Foundation (, which drives the positive development of confidence and self-esteem of children in our community.

In return for your donation (be sure to register your email address), I will send you The Top Lessons Learned from this 10 Day challenge - this way you get some of the insight from my 10 days of no digital interaction or verbal communication of any kind. This is a pretty unique experience and one most people won't have the opportunity to take time out and do (or are crazy enough to try), in their lifetime. I will send my insights to you in August (yes, 2015 : ).

Thanks for your support in advance and I look forward to sharing this with you in August.


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$5,915 raised
GOAL $4,000
35 donations
since Jul 2015
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