Yogi Vibes

Yogi Vibes

$ 34354raised
GOAL $ 20000

What:  Yoga fundraising event for Circus WA and DADAA (Disability in the Arts, Disadvantage in the Arts WA)

When:  Saturday, 8th November 2014.

Time:  Starts promptly at 7.45am.  Registration on the day starts from 7.15am.  Please ensure you have arrived by 7.30am at the latest. Gates will close at 7.40am and re-open for the Post-Marathon Brunch at 11am

Where:  Cottesloe Beach Hotel, Garden Pavilion.  Enter from the side entrance on the right hand side of the venue.  The Cottesloe Beach Hotel is not open for general trading during the hours of the event. and we can't believe we're so lucky to have their enormous support behind this event.  Big thanks!
The Event
Over a period of 3 hours 4 Yoga Teachers will lead you through Sun Salutations, meditation and variations. Have in your mind commitment…long haul.. yet yoga.  
The event will open with chanting, pranayam and meditation,  Three phases of asana will follow. The marathon starts  with a gentle warm-up, leading to a crescendo of challenge in the middle of the event and concluding with a finishing sequence, chanting and savasana.  A gentle sun salutation will be offered for those who are feeling tired and variations always given where appropriate.
Yoga is the chosen way to connect with self and life for many beings out there.  As a practice, yoga is personal and often undertaken as independent self-practice, and yet there is a huge, pulsing, vibrant yoga community in Perth.
The Yoga Marathon is all about yogis coming together, creating a collective consciousness extending beyond the mat and into the community.  The power of the mind is amazing, the power of intention as a collective group is massively inspiring to self and others.
 Practicing as a group, for 3 hours in a synchronised fashion will leave you feeling “full” knowing you have lifted your own spiritual and physical vibration as well as that of others through helping those in need.  
We are passionate about this – spreading the yogi vibe throughout our community.  Your commitment to this is welcomed and deeply appreciated.
Entry Fees
Individual and team registration fee is $25.  This is just to get the ball rolling and secure your place in this wicked event.  It helps cover a small percentage of the costs of running this event such as insurance, event management and signage. Note that the venue limits us to 100 yogis and their mats.  

Every Yogi Registered for the Event receives a free Registration Pack including Spiritual Gangster Decal Sticker, Yoga Marathon Tank, Eye Pillow, your ticket to the VIP Registration Party and other yummy samples.  Registration Packs can be picked up at the VIP Registration Party on Friday, October 17th.  More details coming soon.

Set Your Goal
The minimum fundraising amount for every person in the event is $200.  This is separate to the registration fee.  
Funds will be split 50/50 between Circus WA and DADAA

Our Giving - think beyond your lifetime
We know that supporting kids and families in need of extra help is a long term project, that's why our giving strategy is to give some for now and give some for later.  A small amount (15%) will go towards building a fund that will forever help these families.  This will build a legacy that Perth Yogi's can be roud of and offer ustained support to the community for many years to come.  The YogiVibes Fund is robustly adminstered by the Fremantle Foundation.

To make an immediate impact we are extemely proud to distribute the remaining proceeds from this years event to Circus WA and DADAA.

All monies raised (excluding 5% commission to mycause, 2% to Fremantle Foundation &  bank fees) will be directed to nominated charities.
Post Marathon Brunch 11am to 12noon
Congrats - You've Made It!

The Yoga Marathon concludes at 11am.  Between 11am and 12noon Yogis, family, children, friends and supporters are all welcome to enjoy brunch at the CBH in the Event area.  During this time you can check out the art exhibition from DAADAA’s, enjoy a Circus WA performance, purchase YogiVibes togs and have a catch up with yoga crew from your local turf. In addition, there will be a presentation of monies raised to the Charities, prizes for highest fundraisers and On-The-Spot Participation Lucky Draws for the day.
Tickets to the Post-Marathon Brunch are only $20 and include a scrumptious menu of fresh fruit platters and juice, tea and coffee and Marathon Muesli Munch Cups.  Tickets can be purchased through the Yoga Marathon website as a part of the registration process or separately.  Remember to buy for yourself, family and friends who will be attending the Brunch.

How to Prepare?
We wanted the thoughts of an expeienced yogi who eats and lives well. So we hit up Carmela Lacey from Yoga RhythOM on how to best get ready.

Preparation for the Yoga Marathon

  • A restful, deep sleep is a great preparation. Aim to get to bed before 10pm so you are fresh and energised for the Yoga Marathon.
  • Eat a nutritious, alcohol free meal the night before. One of my favourite meals is a cauliflower/almond base pizza with a homemade tomato sauce topping, roast pumpkin, roast capsicum, strips of zucchini, basil pesto with grated parmesan and fetta! mmmm
  • Practicing on a full stomach is not recommended, eat a couple of hours before the Yoga Marathon and bring some light healthy snacks. Remember water, water, water!
  • Wear comfy clothes that you can move around freely in.
  • If you haven’t been bendy of late, maybe start your mornings with some Sun Salutations or end your day with a yoga practice and/or meditation.  Get to some classes and get your yoga groove on!
  • Bring your own yoga mat, meditation cushion/blanket and/or towel .

Some Nutrition Tips

  • Apples – great for hydration, little natural sugar hit, great source of Vitamin C.
  • Nuts and seeds – Great source of protein and vitamins to keep sustained energy.
  • Porridge – great pre-practice meal, long sustained energy release, at least 2-3 hours before Yoga Marathon.
  • Pears – low acidity snack, great pre-mat snack.
  • Bananas – rich in potassium, also a great pre-mat snack.
  • Some greek/natural yogurt with nuts/seeds/fruit – rich in protein and carbohydrates = sustained energy. My favourite mix is gogi berries, black sesame, mac nuts, almonds, cocao nibs, shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, chai seeds, fresh blueberries and strawberries, mix through some greek yogurt and chow down......YUMMMMM!
  • Power smoothie eg, wiz up some activated almonds and gogi berries so you have a gogi almond meal, add some frozen blueberries, 1 small banana (frozen makes it supa creamy!), a tablespoon of full fat yogurt and 2 to 3 large glasses of coconut water – goes down a treat!
  • Eggs on your choice of bread (sourdough/gluten free/wholegrain) Great source of protein and carbs = energy for Yoga MarathonJ if you are not vegetarian, ditch the bread and cook up some nitrate free bacon, add some cooked mushies and tomato - NICE!

Why is yoga amazing for you?
Yoga has so many benefits, not just on a physical level but mentally as well. The postures and breath re oxygenate the body, organs, cells and mind. Muscles are lengthened and strengthened. The entire energy system is injected with prana (vital energy/life force) and you start to have this sense of connection from deep within, with something that is greater than you. It is a bit like when you have a child, you just don’t know the magnificence of it until you have one, or two or three.

How might you feel after the Yoga Marathon ?
I bet by the end you will either be energised or satisfyingly exhausted.   A sense of community achievement and a selfless satisfaction of what you just did will emerge from your heart within. Overall you will feel damn GREAT!

About the Charities
Circus WA provide circus classes, scholarships and performance opportunities for indigenous, at risk, and disadvantaged youth in the Fremantle area. The magic of the circus is universal and the Circus Workshops program offers an important creative and physical outlet for disadvantaged kids.www.circuswa.com
DADAA Inc - The Artlink program at DADAA offers rare out-of-school activities for children with disability and their siblings. The art-based program is an important respite to the families and carers of children with a disability.
The only service of it’s kind in WA, Artlink applies personalised art development training to all participants and provides a much needed break for the family unit.

Yogi Vibes

$ 34354raised
GOAL $ 20000