Angels Goal Chariots in TasMudRun

Angels Goal Chariots in TasMudRun

$ 1298raised
GOAL $ 10000

TasMudRun @ 537 White Hills Road Evandale Tasmania 7258, Sunday 21st September 2014. Time:12 pm Angels Goal wave


For Corporates, Teams, and Individuals, Fund-Raise for Angels Goal by entering this event, and participate as an Angels Goal Corporate Chariot, or for Individuals- Angels Goal Chariot.....

Angels Goal is an anti bullying organisation with a goal to educate the community at large about the the need to prevent bullying in schools, workplaces, and any other area where there are risks...

The purpose is to raise awareness, prevention, Anti bullying tools, and provide a counselling service for those who have been affected.......

Participants would be able to help Angels Goal to get the Anti Bullying Message out there by participating in any fund raiser calender run, which will then help continue and support the great work Angels Goal do...


Creating your individual (or team) Fund-raising Page to raise money for Angels Goal

Creating your page is easy and is a good way to let your family, friends and work colleagues know what you are doing and why.  You can post photos of yourself or the person who has inspired your participation.  Your page can be updated whenever you want and is easy to share on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. So why wait - just select Start Fund-raising and you will be on your way to helping


Share your Page


You can share your online Fund-raising Page with your friends, family and work mates by email, Facebook or Twitter. Your friends can sponsor you and leave a message. Your donors will receive their donation receipt immediately...



  • Here is your chance to show you care, and say NO to Bullying

  • Be one of Angels Goal Chariots

  • Be an active participant in an event in your area

  • Personally raise over $150 per head, and for every $150 raised, receive one free entry in to TasMudRun..Free entry applies by returning the registration form & fundraising report by the 31st of August 2014...Please contact Karen for the registration & fundraising forms on 0417 250 196....

  • Raise over $500 and have the opportunity to receive a package in to the school of your choice with the Angels Goal membership/partnership programme

  • Gain fantastic exposure for your business, team or individually on the My Causes Website with your own personal page tracking your participation progress

  • Have either Jeff Fenech, Chloe Cunningham (Co founder of Angels Goal), Speak up & Stay Chatty Team, Chantelle & Steve, the winners of 2014(THE BLOCK) , or any other Ambassador for Causes run with the Angels Goal Chariots when 30+ people are running and fund-raising for Angels Goal in any one single event

  • Contribute to reducing the cost of Mental Health by being pro-active preventing bullying

  • Be awarded the Angels Goal Trophy for the greatest funds raised by your Team...

  • Receive a Poster to display in your workplace or school to show you are a proud supporter of Angels Goal....

  • Receive a participation and thank you certificate from Angels Goal



Angels Goal Chariots in TasMudRun

$ 1298raised
GOAL $ 10000