Climb for A Smile 2009

Climb for A Smile 2009

$ 120332.22raised
GOAL $ 20000

Remember Smile And The World Smiles With You

Now that you are a registered for Rotary’s Climb For A Smile we encourage you to select a cause or causes to climb for and open your personal or team fundraising page.

This year’s causes, as last year are t T, ROTARY’S POLIO ERADICATION PROGRAMME, THE ROTARY WA CORD BLOOD BANK and our new local guest cause the WIRRPANDA FOUNDATION. Once you have chosen Email your families, friends and colleagues and invite them to join or support you in this exciting fundraising challenge.
Let them know that through your effort and their support they can help put a smile on a small child’s face forever with their tax deductible sponsorship which is immediately receipted.
Remember, every cent you raise goes directly to your nominated cause without admin expenses as Rotarians are all volunteers

 You will smile too when you realise the life-changing results of your efforts!


Put a Smile on a child's face

Interplast provides funds for volunteer West Australian surgical teams to travel overseas and operate on children that require burn and cleft palate surgery. A child suffering from a cleft palate is not only disfigured but cannot speak, eat, breathe or drink properly this easy fixed for only $350. 
Make a donation to Interplast

Rotary WA Cord blood bank
Support our Western Australian children

This bank in Perth will collect  transplant material collected from the umbilical cord and placenta. Currently in Western Australia many adults and children are awaiting a successful donation to treat leukaemia and other bone and marrow diseases. 
Make a donation to Rotary Cord Blood Bank

End Polio Now
Help us rid the world of Polio

After 20 years Rotary International is now within a whisker of eradicating Polio worldwide, your donation now matched by Bill and Melinda Gates may just provided the last drop of vaccine required to wipe Polio of the face of the earth. 
Make a donation to Rotary End Polio Now

Wirrapanda Foundation
Support David's Dream

The David Wirrpanda foundation was founded out of a mutual desire to assist and develop young West Australians through education, healthy lifestyles,and to increase there self esteem by providing worthwhile opportunities in training and employment. 
Make a donation to the David Wirrpanda Foundation



That is why we are all climbing today.


Climb for A Smile 2009

$ 120332.22raised
GOAL $ 20000