Iced Tea Party for Lymphoedema

Iced Tea Party for Lymphoedema

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All Australians Are Invited To Host An Iced Tea Party

During Lymphoedema Awareness Month


Register today to become a host of an Iced Tea Party during Lymphoedema Awareness Month (1 – 31 March), and help raise awareness of the disorder and vital funds to support education and research into lymphoedema.

Those most at risk of developing lymphoedema are patients and survivors of some cancers.


Up to 66% of prostate cancer survivors, and one in five survivors of a number of other cancers including breast, gynaecological, and melanoma suffering the distressing, debilitating and often heartbreaking effects of lymphoedema.

You’re invited to help raise awareness of lymphoedema by holding an Iced Tea Party to help people learn the early signs and symptoms, treatments, to increase understanding of this debilitating disorder, and raise vital funds to further research into the lymphoedema. 

We’re also reminding sufferers of lymphoedema to keep affected areas cool to help manage the severity of the disorder, and we’re encouraging the community to understand that ITS COOL TO BE KIND to someone with lymphoedema, because this life-long disorder can be physically and emotionally distressing.

How to Host Your Own Iced Tea Party!

Hosting an Ice Tea Party is a refreshing, easy and fun way to raise awareness of lymphoedema, it’s symptoms and funds to further education and research to help sufferers of lymphoedema.  It can be large or small hosting  family or friends, at school or at work or community group.  You can choose to have a Morning Iced Tea Party, Cool Evening Iced Tea Party, a Sultry Sunday Iced Tea Party or even a Mad Hatter’s Iced Tea Party for the kids.  When you hold your Iced Tea Party you can be as creative as you like!


Decide on a theme –Morning, Afternoon, Cool, Sultry Sunday, Mad Hatters

Choose a date and time

Register to host your Iced Tea Party today 

Invite your work colleagues, family and friends to enjoy a delicious Iced Tea, perhaps some Ice Blue Cupcakes or even some cool cucumber sandwiches or fruit!

Share your awareness and fundraising with everyone you know and invite them attend or sponsor your Iced Tea Party with a donation

Ask guests to bring a gold coin or more to help fund research into Lymphoedema – the money raised the more research we can conduct!

Download posters, web tiles  and more to promote your Iced Tea Party and Lymphoedema Awareness Month

Download the early signs and symptoms of Lymphoedema to talk about it with your guests

Donate funds raised no matter how small and help to make a difference to those living with lymphoedema!

Why Host An Iced Tea Party?

When you host an Ice Tea Party, you can help spread the word that ‘It’s Cool To Be Kind’ about Lymphoedema, learn the early signs and symptoms, obtain information about managing Lymphoedema or, locate an ALA accredited practitioner.

Want to help the ALA learn more about how to improve diagnosis and treatments for sufferers of Lymphoedema, you can make a donation today to support research by visiting:

Themes For Your Iced Tea Party

Workplace Iced Tea Party

Afternoon Iced Tea Party

Morning Iced Tea Party

Mad Hatter’s Iced Tea Party in the theme of Alice In Wonderland

Long Island Iced Tea Party

Sultry Sunday Iced Tea Party

Ice-Cream Sundae Iced Tea Party

Cool Iced Tea Party



Iced Tea Party for Lymphoedema

$ 11647raised
GOAL $ 0