EMER CASEY Fun Run Melbourne 2012

EMER CASEY Fun Run Melbourne 2012

$ 52120.2raised
GOAL $ 10000


Monash University’s Clayton Campus was on fire on Sunday 27 May 2012 when over 310 people turned out to participate in the 5th annual Emer Casey fun run in Melbourne. The 5km and 10km runs around Monash were the second in a serious of international runs taking place around the globe this year – the run in Ireland took place on 20 May 2012, while the London run is to follow in September. 
The Melbourne leg of this international event was suitably marked with the participation of Irish Olympic athlete Sonia O’Sullivan and Australian Olympic athlete, Trevor Vincent.  We would also like to thank Dr Kylie Gorringe from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for attending. 
To date this year we have raised approximately $14,000 for research into ovarian cancer at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. This has been a fantastic effort by all of our wonderful fun runners. We thank you and encourage you to continue fundraising, so that we can beat the $23,446.03 raised from last year’s run. Visit www.run4ec.com.au to donate further. 

Our Winners

Congratulations in particular to the top 3 female and male entries in the 5km and 10 km events: 
Female 10km  Male 10km Female 5km  Male 5km 
1. Sonia O' Sullivan 1. Bryan Ackerly 1. Laurel Gera 1. David Strehlan
2. Jenny Whiting  2.Steven Bonfafini 2. Kate O' Keeffe 2. Johnny Cho
3. Jenny Duncan   3. Alex Zolotarsky 3. Gillian Dempsey 3.Wayne Hepenstall
Official times for all runners will be posted at www.run4ec.com.au shortly. 

Our Hosts

This event would not have been possible without the support of Monash University. The Emer Casey Foundation extends its gratitude to its hosts. The Foundation would like to thank in particular the Director of Sport at Monash, Martin Doulton, for his enthusiasm in embracing this event and Michael Jones and his team. 

Sponsors and Volunteers

The Emer Casey Foundation would like to thank all its sponsors for their generous donations. The support of each sponsor made this a memorable event. We thank:
Eff The Irish Echo
The Celtic Club Eureka Skydeck 88
PJ O’Briens PRECISIONLIFE Health & Fitness
The Quiet Man Athletics Victoria
The Drunken Poet Run for Your Life
Biotech Engineering Lovin’ You
The Corkman Irish Pub Setanta O'Hailpin (GWS FC)
Thank you to all our volunteers both from the Emer Casey Committee, Monash University and those who turned out on the day to help. A special thank you to Leah Nolan from Peter Mac for all her help. 

Donations and Peter Mac 

In 5 years the Emer Casey Fun Run Melbourne has raised $67,700 for ovarian cancer research. Over  $17,000 in sponsorship has been raised from this year’s run. This money is being donated to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to support the research it is carrying out into ovarian cancer. Remember your donation page will stay open for the next 45 days so THERE IS STILL TIME TO DONATE!! 

Highest Fundraisers 

A massive thank you to our highest individual fundraiser to date, Rohini Joshi and our highest team fundraiser, Kathy’s Memory. 

About the Emer Casey Foundation

Emer Casey was a native of Youghal, County Cork in Ireland. Emer's vibrant and very full life was cruelly cut short in 2006, when she was diagnosed with ovarian/uterine cancer on the 28th of February at the age of 27. After a short battle exceptionally bravely borne, Emer tragically passed away on the 10th June 2006, four days after her 28th birthday. Emer's untimely death had such an enormous impact on her family, friends, colleagues and everybody who knew her, that the Emer Casey Foundation was established in her honour and her memory.
For more information about Emer Casey and the Emer Casey Foundation see www.run4ec.com.au

EMER CASEY Fun Run Melbourne 2012

$ 52120.2raised
GOAL $ 10000