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October 09 2023

I Run For Her: Join the Fun and Make a Change in the Fight Against Domestic Violence



In an effort to open crucial conversations about domestic violence on a national scale, the annual community event known as I Run For Her is set to take place across Australia on October 15. 


Domestic violence remains a persistent issue in Australia, prompting Got Your Back Sista Founder, Melissa Histon, to call for action. "Let's talk about it, Australia. Let's take a close look at the prevalence of family and domestic violence and ask why, in 2023, this is still happening," she said to The Echo. "Let's take practical steps to make our communities a safer place."


I Run For Her is not your typical charity run; it encourages participants to take to the streets in whatever manner they prefer – be it running, walking, skipping, shuffling, wheeling, or even dancing. The flexibility of the event allows you to choose your own route, whether it's along the beach, through a park, around a lake, or even inside a shopping center.


Furthermore, the event offers a choice of timing, giving participants the freedom to select the morning, afternoon, or evening that suits them best. Ideally, "I Run For Her" will be held on Sunday, October 15. The distance of your run is also entirely up to you; it can range from a brief 500 meters to a challenging 10 kilometers, or anywhere in between.


The inclusive nature of the event encourages you to participate in your own way. You can choose to run alone, with family, friends, colleagues, or teammates – it's all about coming together to make a stand against domestic violence.


Registration for this significant event is now open. To join the event, visit the event page and register for the October 15 run. By participating, you will be contributing to a vital cause.


"I Run For Her" is more than just a run; it's a community-driven event designed to bring individuals, organisations, and businesses together to raise awareness and take action against domestic violence. The funds raised from this event will be dedicated to supporting Got Your Back Sista, a charity dedicated to help women and children escape domestic violence. All funds will help provide resources, tools, and essential information for women and children to rebuild their lives. 


Mark your calendars for October 15 and be a part of "I Run For Her." Together, we can make a difference and create safer, more supportive communities for all Australians. Let's take a step towards a brighter, violence-free future.


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