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$481 raised
GOAL $3,000
6 donations
since Jan 2019

Hi Everybody,

Cheers for visiting Sparkle Motion's Fundraising Page for the 2019 Gibb Challenge!

What's that?!

A 660km social bike race across the Kimberley - off road, uphill, down hill, across rivers of blood, sweat and tears (the sparkly variety) - Peeow Peeow!! Teams race to raise money for Royal Flying Doctor Service, and for Glory, sweatin' Glory.

Introducing... the legendary Sparkle Motion Team - we are a Fit, Fab and All Female group taking on the Gibb River Road. 2019's team consists of:
* Original Gangsta Cyclist: Stacey Agarr,
* New n Gnarly Cyclist Victoria Gardner, and
* Legendary Learner Driver: Bec Neufeld, who our quest would be impossible without.

Sooo, where will your hard earned dollar donations go to?

The Royal Flying Doctors Service! - Where Drs and Registered Nurses/Midwives work their butt off to provide access to healthcare for people living rural and remote. From snake bites to going into labour to gory farm wounds (ew!) - these guys know their stuff.
Jetting these excellent professionals across this giant country costs a pretty penny - so let's help out our fellow Aussies out in the sticks/desert/bush/swamps !

You can sponsor our all-female team and leave a message by selecting the donate button above.

Thanks for supporting our efforts in raising money for this bloody heroic cause!


Part 4 - Sparkle Motion's first Gibb practice ride 2019

That's right Ladies and Gentlemen,

(Off-roading that is..)

"Sweat be Sparkling down our frows,
Spreading Sparkles to da cows!

This year's Motion sure be grand,
Starting off in South Queensland!

Sparkle Motion rides for you,
And for R.F.D.S. too.

Come and join our noble quest,
Us chicks aim to be our best!

Bring sparkles, glitter and mink,
Don't forget to use our link :P "

(Any donation is much appreciated)

Keep on Sparkling that inner Sparkle peeps

xxxx — at Ipswich, Queensland.
Part 3: Sparkle Motion 2019's first Gibb Bike train...

You guessed it! Vic whoopsy-daisied the bike, ramming it into her dear team member..:D

Stacey being the legendary woman she is, took it like a champ! :P
Part 1: Sparkle Motion 2019's first Gibb Bike training challenge..

Hi Everyone,

This was Sparkle Motion 2019's first Gibb Bike train - off road roller coasters passing by the Cows with lightening speed!

Try spot in which picture Stacey is grimacing in pain! (I lost balance when putting my deadly treadly's wheel back on - it rammed into Stacey and we caught the Sparkle Magic Moment on camera!) Bahahahhaa! :D

Enjoy our story, and keep tuned for more.

Keep Sparkling xooxoxoxoxo
Part 2: Sparkle Motion 2019's first Gibb Bike train...

Stacey's bold and beautiful gaze, admiring cows yonder, donned "Girl Gang" t-shirt.
A sight for Sparkly eyesss!
Hey Guys!

This is me dressed up Sparkle Motion style! Been addressing the public at Earth Frequencey Festival and around Coolangatta beachtown to donate to Royal Flying Drs Service - raised $200 so far!!!

Thanks for the genorosity everyone, and please feel free to donate online using the link ????????

Keep Sparkling !! ???????????????????

$481 raised
GOAL $3,000
6 donations
since Jan 2019
Fundraising for
Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) WA
Over the past 12 months, the RFDS has touched the lives of nearly 24,000 people through aeromedical retrievals and patient clinics and led 44,286 telehealth consultations, plus a range of primary healthcare services to those who live, work and travel across WA.
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