Kokoda "One in All in"

$34,691 raised
GOAL $30,000
340 donations
since Mar 2018

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On the 16th of April 2018 an unlikely band of 17 men (14.5 Novocastrians and 2.5 Crow Eaters) will set out for eight days to conquer the infamous and gruelling Kokoda Track. A kaleidoscope of personalities brought together by a plethora of motives. Some of those motives are:

· To experience & explore the ANZAC Spirit

· To walk in the footsteps of grand fathers or ancestors

· To fuel a fire in a void left by a distant memory of competitive sport

· An accomplishment shared by father and son

· A journey of self discovery and personal improvement

· A goal of regaining physical fitness and longevity

· Delusions of masculinity

· A mid life crisis

· And even an extreme measure to abstain from the beloved amber nectar.

We have many different motives but together we share one common understanding. This is going to be tough! By making this "choice" we face a huge mental and physical challenge that will take great inner strength and mental fortitude to overcome. It’s not lost on us however, that like the Anzacs everyday, through circumstance, not "choice", we have mates, family and fellow men who endure very real and personal challenges. We admire in awe, the courage, strength and resolve of those who cope daily with the pain and struggle of physical and mental illness.

For this reason we want to use our self motivated challenge to raise money and awareness for some causes associated with illness directly affecting our mates and families today. Mental Illness, Bowel Cancer & Motor Neurones Disease. Donations split evenly between the three.


Whilst the "Rigs" may not be what they used to (Shaun & Rhys excluded) and perhaps memories of past physical and sporting escapades may be a little exaggerated, we are doing the hard work to achieve our goal. We will all give it 100%. Despite our self belief there are those non believers! We hear the whispers, see the sniggers and know what you're thinking! If you think it's just a little bit crazy or humorous that this band of broken down Adonis's would take on a huge challenge like this then we challenge you to reach into your pockets and help us raise funds for three great causes and provide a little more motivation for all of us!

Remember, we all have mates facing challenges everyday and every little show of support is appreciated. “One in All in”


Julian “Pretty Woman” Roberts

Shaun “Thunder” Rich

Eugene “Dirty Burger” McGrotty

John ”The Tortoise” Wilson

Wayne “Train” Roddenby

Rod “You cannot take my Freedom” Wallis

Mark “Lloyd” Christmas

Trent “Hamburger Head” Considine

Steve ”Did you see where he” Wendtman

Tom ”Cupcakes” Wasley

Tim “Are we there yet ” Neary

Grant “A Kiss and a“ Huggins

Rhys ”The Hare” Wilson

Steve “Lightning” Rich

Jode “El Roacho” Roach

Clint "Warren" Le Rougetel

Clint "Shortcuts" Daniels

$34,691 raised
GOAL $30,000
340 donations
since Mar 2018
Fundraising for
My Cause Gift Fund for Beyond Blue, Motor Neurone Disease (MND) NSW and Bowel Cancer Australia
Funds donated will be split evenly between beyondblue, Bowel Cancer Australia and MND NSW

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