Karla and Andrew are summiting 7 peaks and swimming 7 seas for LifeChanger

$1,745 raised
GOAL $5,000
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since Sep 2017

Together with other Lifechanger participants - My husband Andrew and I are headed to Lord Howe Island to tackle the natural challenges including Mt Gower, a challenging 8 hour hike that takes us around rocky cliffs and 1000m above sea level.

It will be a challenging week and your contributions will go towards:

+ Community workshops
+ Stage Two of our Digital Platform
+ LifeChanger operations, staffing, and resources

My passion for LifeChanger comes from a mothers perspective and realising that not all Australian kids have the same opportunities as others

• Youth suicide is the number 1 killer of young Australians

• 1 in 6 kids has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (7 - 15 yrs)

• 1 teenager in every classroom has a gambling addiction

• 1 in 4 leave the education system prematurely

• 50% increase in hospital admissions with children self-harming between 2010 and 2015

• 1 in 5 kids have deliberately sniffed inhalants (12 - 17 yrs)

• 38% of adolescents consume alcohol weekly (14+ yrs)

• 50% of teenagers experience cyber bullying

• 1 in 4 kids are overweight or obese (5 - 17 yrs)

Not one of these statistics is improving. Not one.

This was a key reason why I decided to step into this space 13 months ago.

The LifeChanger Foundation is on an epic mission to turn these stats around and create a generational shift in society.

LifeChanger believes that by providing young Australians with the tools to develop a positive self-identity they will be empowered to live their best life. Our programs develop an adolescent's self-identity by nurturing the individual across five key pillars:

Wellbeing | Life-Skills | Self-Awareness | Purpose & Meaning | Connections

Our approach gives young Australian's unprecedented access to programs within their community and access to a first-of-its-kind digital platform connecting kids with mentors. Moreover, the digital platform and community engagement will mean ongoing, sustainable, responsive support.

I am investing significant time, energy and money into this cause because I believe kids are now facing a shifting and challenging world with many of them feeling like they will never be good enough. I would like them all to feel like they already have everything they need and that their hero is within them!!

Thanks for your consideration, any support for the Foundation would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards

Karla Gilbert
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$1,745 raised
GOAL $5,000
14 donations
since Sep 2017
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LifeChanger Foundation
LifeChanger's vision is for every young Australian to develop the 'toolkit for life' to help them navigate the inevitable challenges life presents. LifeChanger platforms and programs develop and nurture an adolescents 'personal identity', the most critical component required to live a full life.

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