Our MRNSW volunteers are out on the water every day providing boaters with help, support, advice and vital safety services.  They are recognised boating safety advocates, noted for their marine expertise and community spirit.

With more than 3,000 volunteers watching over the State’s most popular boating, fishing and cruising regions, there’s a job for almost everyone at their local MRNSW unit.

Our rescue vessel crews turn out in all weather and conditions to respond to emergencies and other incidents. A day’s duties might include a Search and Rescue mission for people overboard, towing a disabled vessel back to port or transporting medical teams or firefighters to isolated and inaccessible locations.

Our radio base volunteers monitor the airwaves for boaters in need of rescue or less urgent assistance. Our radio safety net includes a Log On and Log Off service for boaters, who are encouraged to let their local Marine Rescue unit know when they are heading out on the water, where they are headed and when they plan to return. If they do not Log Off when expected, action can be promptly taken to locate them.

Of course, every frontline team needs a support crew and we’re no different, with other members taking on the important unit training, fundraising, maintenance, catering and other administrative roles needed to maintain operational standards and readiness.

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