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February 22 2022

MEDIA: Man Cycles 1170km for Anti-Domestic Violence

Lifelong cyclist, Ian Kidd (aged 66) plans to ride at least part of the way back to Newcastle so he can hit 2000 kilometers for anti-domestic violence charity, Got Your Back Sister.

"I am a local lad, a Hamilton Hawks Rugby old boy, father, teacher, cyclist and avid
fundraiser," says Ian.

Mr Kidd said he connected with GYBS through Lesa Mason, the president of Hamilton Hawks Rugby Club.

He said he was "in awe" of the charity and said "what they're doing is far far more inspirational than what I'm doing".

"I've had that experience, I've had to basically rebuild my life," says Ian.

Through the fundraising challenge, Ian hopes to pay it forward to a charity that helps people rebuild their lives through proper support.

Ian's personal story and fundraising challenge was featured in the local Newcastle Herald. Read more via the link.