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October 03 2023

In Loving Memory of Heather Wilkinson



A heartfelt memorial service is scheduled for Heather Wilkinson of Korumburra, lovingly remembered as a "beloved wife, daughter, sister, mum, favourite mother-in-law, grandma, and friend." The service is set to commence at 11 am on Wednesday, October 4, at the Korumburra Indoor Recreation Centre.


The forthcoming service follows a prior community gathering for Heather's sister, Gail Patterson, and brother-in-law, Don Patterson, held at the same venue on Thursday, August 31. Tragically, all three were victims of poisoning reportedly due to consumption of death cap mushrooms at a family gathering in Leongatha on Saturday, July 29, 2023.


On announcing Heather’s memorial service, the Wilkinson family also initiated an appeal on mycause, urging donations to Austin Hospital and SIM Australia, the latter was a cause particularly dear to Heather.


Born on October 20, 1956, Heather Alison Wilkinson lived a life full of love, joy, and service until her passing on August 4, 2023. In the family's touching tribute on their mycause fundraising page, they expressed deep gratitude for the exceptional healthcare services Heather received in Australia and encouraged donations to help those without access to basic healthcare globally.


Five weeks following the memorial service for Don and Gail Patterson, Heather's life will be celebrated with a distinct service. As Ian Wilkinson, another victim from the tragic incident, continues his recovery journey at home, the family is finalizing details for Heather’s memorial service.


The Wilkinson family invites all who wish to honor Heather's memory to make meaningful contributions through their fundraising page: In Memory of Heather Wilkinson,


With a life characterized by love, joy, and a deep concern for others, Heather Wilkinson’s memory continues to inspire and guide all those who were fortunate to know her. Through the appeal, her legacy of care and compassion will undoubtedly extend to assist others in need, both in Australia and abroad.


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