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November 18 2019

Your workplace can help a charity this Christmas

Your workplace can help a charity this Christmas


Are you interested in helping a charity for Christmas? This is certainly the time of year for giving and there are a wealth of possibilities if you are keen to help a charity. When you donate to charity, you are providing support to a great cause and helping those who need an extra hand during this time of year. 

The first step is always going to be making sure that you choose a charity that you love. If you explore mycause's list of charities, you’ll find there are countless options. There are over 6000 different charities to consider! Each takes action to help different causes, from supporting the arts to helping refugees and ensuring the safety of animals. When you have found a charity that you care about, you can then donate and you’ll immediately be emailed a tax receipt which you can also view in your mycause account. 

The donation that you make is guaranteed to help support people in need and ensure that they are provided extra help through the festive season. However, you can go even further and help even more. 


Create An Online Fundraising Page

Your work can create a page specifically for fundraising and share it among staff and on social media. This is a great way to spread the word and ensure that more people are donating to the cause that you care about. Request that they support the charities on the Fundraising Page in lieu of Christmas gifts. This is a great way to avoid those presents that you don’t really want or need. Instead, you’ll be able to make sure that you are helping others!

mycause takes care of issuing tax receipts to all donors


Seer Medical Group

Medical technology group, Seer, are giving back to vulnerable communities this Christmas by fundraising for 4 charities that need support.

So far, the team has raised funds for Royal Flying Doctors Victoria, Save A Child Australia, Vaccinaid and Salvation Army Victoria.
In addition, Seer will match every dollar donated by a Seer employee, helping to contribute a larger amount to each charity.
Melbourne software company, Aroflo, are giving back to the community's most vulnerable this Christmas.
This year, all the funds raised for the appeal will support Australia's largest hunger-relief charity, Foodbank Victoria.
Through charity partners and donations, Foodbank Victoria is now helping to feed more than 140,000 people every month
In lieu of Christmas gifts, the Slipstream Group team and their clients has raised over $22K for Bicycles For Humanity Melbourne, a charity that collects secondhand bikes and donates them to remote African communities and vital aid workers to improve mobility and access to basic human needs.
Once shipped to Africa, the bike container is converted to a bike and mechanic shop business where locals are provided training and education in the trade.


Send A Donation Gift Card

Think about the gifts you would usually send out. Do people really need them? Instead, consider sending charity gift cards instead. With charity gift cards you can donate money in the person’s name as a gift. This is a great way to ensure that you are giving back to the world. 

If you choose to do this as a Kris Kringle gift, then you can make it more personal. You can design the gift card to look incredible and you can choose a charity that matches their interests. Everyone has a cause they hold near to their heart so you will always be able to find a suitable choice. Start creating a Donation Gift Card now.


Buy Donation Gift Vouchers

You can also think about sending donation gift vouchers. Christmas charity gift vouchers can be provided to recipients who can then redeem them for a charity that they choose. That way, you can still make sure that your money is going towards a great cause and providing a personal gift at the same time. Send a Donation Gift Voucher.


Encourage Your Workplace To Donate

Finally, aside from charity gift vouchers or charity gift cards, you can also think about encouraging your workplace to join in. You can do this by asking people to donate to charity rather than investing in corporate gifts. It’s just one more way to support a great cause. 

Donate or send a gift card or voucher now.