Lucky Chance

Lucky Chance has been in a serious accident & is currently in hospital in Europe. We are pulling
together to raise funds to help Lucky cover his enourmous medical bill.

Lucky is an incredible human being and is known around the world by more than many as an inspired
climber/jumper/hero! We will be giving updates as to his condition

Questions about Lucky and anything else are currently being received at
Your thoughts and contributions make a significant difference.

A sincere THANK YOU from Carol & the Family.

(this page was made by Lucky's friends, and for and all those who know Lucky's super-human
abilities. We believe in you Lucky! Go for it!)


  • $8.00AnonymousSat, 19 Nov 2011


  • $100.00Billie HunneSun, 13 Nov 2011


  • $100.00AnonymousSat, 12 Nov 2011


  • $20.00Naomi CokellThu, 10 Nov 2011

     My brother also had a terrible climbing accident 10 years ago. I know you're going through a really tough time but it's amazing how the human body can recover. All the best, don't lose hope

  • $10.00Ian HydesThu, 10 Nov 2011


  • $30.00Neal McQuaidFri, 04 Nov 2011

     Hey Lucky, the last time I saw you was in 2002 while we hung out in the forest of Frankenjura climbing. Positive vibes to you from the friends you made from Ireland!

  • $625.00Fanny KoTue, 01 Nov 2011

     We all love you very much Toby and are seeing God's miracle in you and your family

  • $100.00Chris JonesMon, 31 Oct 2011

     Best wishes on a speedy recovery. You'll be back stronger than ever!

  • $50.00Tim McIlwaineMon, 31 Oct 2011

     Good luck Lucky!

  • $50.00Chris WhiteSun, 30 Oct 2011

     Hey Man, Stay in there and remember, Who Dares Wins. Get Well Soon!

  • $100.00Fletcher DonohueWed, 26 Oct 2011

     Hey Lucky our thoughts and prayers are with you We can't wait to see your smiling face back in OZ Best wishes. Thinking of you. Love Greg, Kylie, Fletcher & Carling

  • $100.00Aaron LiuWed, 26 Oct 2011


  • $100.00Pete WebsterWed, 26 Oct 2011


  • $50.00Saxon JohnsSat, 22 Oct 2011

     Get well buddy!

  • $50.00Christian MortensenSat, 22 Oct 2011

     It will be a long slow recovery, but you obviously have more strength and fight than your average man. Strength to your family as well!

  • $50.00hyporyanThu, 20 Oct 2011

     awww geez aren't you here yet??? hurry up will ya bud we're all so terrible at this waitin caper!

  • $100.00scott kelzkeThu, 20 Oct 2011

     My thoughts are with a memorable and inspiring friend.

  • $549.00Melanie Lennon-LevyThu, 20 Oct 2011

     hi Melanie,We at Lennon bros circus have been getting donations from our patrons for the last month. We wish all the very best for Lucky(Toby) And hope to see him well soon! all the best Managment and staff.

  • $20.00Jessica BirchallWed, 19 Oct 2011

     My thoughts are with you and your family Toby.

  • $300.00The HOTue, 18 Oct 2011

     Get well soon.

  • $50.00Adam MujajMon, 17 Oct 2011


  • $1300.00Mountain EquipmentMon, 17 Oct 2011

     Best wishes and hope to see you back here soon, Lucky.

  • $15.00shockabukuFri, 14 Oct 2011


  • $10.00Jay YoungFri, 14 Oct 2011

     Get better soon, man! Lot's of air around the world misses you.

  • $2500.00Pinnacle Height Safety P/LThu, 13 Oct 2011

     To a fellow adventurer whose exploits help inspire all! The guys at Pinnacle are hoping to see you back on rope with us soon Lucky - since you left for your trip you have been impossible to replace. All the best from all at Pinnacle Height Safety

  • $30.001184Wed, 12 Oct 2011

     a long road ahead, be strong.

  • $50.00AnonymousWed, 12 Oct 2011


  • $20.00sergio SmiriglioWed, 12 Oct 2011


  • $50.00Edwin EmmerickTue, 11 Oct 2011

     Its been more then 10 years mate. You may not even remember me but I wish you all the best in your recovery and I can't wait to see you jumping in the Blue Mountains again Edwin

  • $50.00Cecile MAGNIENMon, 10 Oct 2011

     Bon courage , tenez bon , la vie parfois réserve des surprises . Soyez fort , je vous envoie une multitudes d'ondes positives . Amicalement

  • $100.00Owen DavisMon, 10 Oct 2011

     Rest up, charge the rehab and get well soon mate.

  • $100.00AnonymousSun, 09 Oct 2011


  • $200.00Melanie MihnoSun, 09 Oct 2011

     Love to you Lucky. Thinking of your family, Nandalie and Corinne and Roland. Love Mel and Andrew

  • $50.00Sylvan VeitchSat, 08 Oct 2011

     Best wishes from the U.K.

  • $100.00Dawn JefferyFri, 07 Oct 2011

     You'll be home with your family soon, Toby ... heal up quickly and come visit us in Yamba. Love Dawn xx

  • $100.00Denise T.Wed, 05 Oct 2011

     Come back soon Lucky, the Bailey's is on ice and waiting :}

  • $100.00Dianne GirvanWed, 05 Oct 2011

     Lucky your courage and bravery is inspiring.

  • $100.00Jocelyn ChiewWed, 05 Oct 2011

     Lucky, all the best with your recovery. Hope you are back on your feet, in the air and doing all the things you love and which inspire the adventurer in all of us soon.

  • $50.00Joel ByrnesTue, 04 Oct 2011

     You got this mate!

  • $20.00AnonymousSun, 02 Oct 2011


  • $20.00Peter AllisonSun, 02 Oct 2011


  • $50.00Jo, Dean, Ted and StasiaFri, 30 Sep 2011

     Wish we could do more... All the best Lucky!! X

  • $100.00AnonymousFri, 30 Sep 2011


  • $200.00LaniThu, 29 Sep 2011


  • $100.00Claire & JayThu, 29 Sep 2011

     Thinking of ya, glad to hear all the updates. All the best mate.

  • $50.00Taty and KylieThu, 29 Sep 2011

     Good luck with everything. Hope it all turns out ok.

  • $100.00Bruce and Lyn SavageThu, 29 Sep 2011

     Our thoughts are with you all. Lucky, I pray that all the forces of nature come together to help you though this.

  • $100.00Pauline SultanaThu, 29 Sep 2011

     Mel, hope our small donation will help in the big picture to get your dear brother back home. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Much Love xx

  • $50.00Muriel hervierWed, 28 Sep 2011

     for you and your family.

  • $100.00Hooky and SamSat, 24 Sep 2011

     Hang in there mate. I`ll shout you a box of willy wonka chocolates when you get back. Your the strongest little guy I`ve ever met.

  • $50.00Nicholas CollisFri, 23 Sep 2011

     My thoughts are with you, Nandalie and your family at this difficult time. I'm sure you will pull through. Wishing you a speedy recovery from over the pond.

  • $100.00JulesFri, 23 Sep 2011

     My thoughts are for you and your family. My brother was also in a coma from a horse riding accident and now he is ok. Hang in mate.

  • $50.00Ella BrodaThu, 22 Sep 2011

     Thinking of you all.

  • $100.00Steve MorrisWed, 21 Sep 2011

     I hope you make a full recovery Lucky!

  • $100.00Bela BurgarWed, 21 Sep 2011


  • $500.00Susi and JeremyTue, 20 Sep 2011

     You can do it Lucky!

  • $10.00AnonymousTue, 20 Sep 2011


  • $25.00Caitlin RyanMon, 19 Sep 2011

     My thoughts are with you and your family.

  • $50.00RobynMon, 19 Sep 2011

     Sending healing thoughts your way with love and strength to Carol, Mel and family too

  • $30.00natalie steelSun, 18 Sep 2011

     My thoughts are with you xx

  • $100.00tim gannonSun, 18 Sep 2011

     thoughts and prayers mate, get better!

  • $50.00PJSun, 18 Sep 2011

     I hope this helps

  • $500.00Vince & Helen daySat, 17 Sep 2011


  • $50.00Toby HolyheadSat, 17 Sep 2011

     You are an inspiration Lucky! I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery

  • $50.00hyporyanThu, 15 Sep 2011

     i want to see your handstand on the rings again luckmeister!

  • $25.00AnonymousWed, 14 Sep 2011


  • $50.00Supa TonyWed, 14 Sep 2011

     Your In our Prayers Buddy!

  • $50.00Geoff Johnston-hallWed, 14 Sep 2011


  • $500.00Ribtex Warehouse Ladies & SamWed, 14 Sep 2011

     Thinking of you. Love Ribtex Warehouse Ladies & Sam

  • $30.00TillyTue, 13 Sep 2011


  • $100.00Matty GMon, 12 Sep 2011

     Best wishes for a full & speedy recovery

  • $700.00Paul MillikenSun, 11 Sep 2011


  • $30.00AnonymousSun, 11 Sep 2011


  • $100.00Jackie StrachanSat, 10 Sep 2011


  • $650.00AnonymousSat, 10 Sep 2011


  • $50.00Kerrie ThomsonFri, 09 Sep 2011

     To Mel and Family, Hang in There. Regards Kerrie Thomson (Ribtex)

  • $100.00Jennifer AndersonThu, 08 Sep 2011

     I'll send you my Gardian angel till you dont need him anymore... all the best Lucky, love Jenn xxoo

  • $100.00AnonymousThu, 08 Sep 2011


  • $20.00Jimmyjames mcfarlaneThu, 08 Sep 2011

     Here is some more pal Hope ya wake up soon

  • $50.00AstridTue, 06 Sep 2011

     Wishing you all the best. Thoughts are with you Mel & family. Astrid xxx

  • $100.00AnonymousMon, 05 Sep 2011


  • $200.00AnonymousMon, 05 Sep 2011


  • $50.00KazMon, 05 Sep 2011

     Thinking of you Mel. X

  • $100.00Rod BryantSun, 04 Sep 2011

     Im giving all I can ,when I can to get our Smiiten star Lucky back on his feet ,thoughts and prayers daily mate

  • $50.00Chuck DicksonFri, 02 Sep 2011


  • $10.00AnonymousFri, 02 Sep 2011


  • $150.00David KistnerFri, 02 Sep 2011


  • $100.00Dianne GirvanFri, 02 Sep 2011


  • $133.00JJ's Family: Ramón, Nieves, Carlos, Silvia and NereaThu, 01 Sep 2011

     Melanie, this donation is from JJ's family in Valencia, Spain: his parents Ramón and Nieves, his brother Carlos and his wife Silvia, and their baby girl Nerea. They are sending all their love and support to you and your family. They are all thinking about you and wishing they could do more for you and your family. Lots of love from Spain xoxoxoxox

  • $50.00Leanne HarveyThu, 01 Sep 2011

     Whatever happens in life, or how you get there sometimes you need to ask all for help. Some of us will be there....All the best wishes to a good recovery for Lucky, and I support you in spirit family and friends of strong, be together!

  • $200.00Dave DobsonWed, 31 Aug 2011


  • $50.00Monica PronkWed, 31 Aug 2011

     stay strong. donating whatever I can as often as I can.

  • $20.00AnonymousWed, 31 Aug 2011


  • $50.00shaun ottoWed, 31 Aug 2011

     very sorry to hear, cheers for the good times in sibu, wishing you a speedy recovery

  • $50.00AnonymousWed, 31 Aug 2011


  • $70.00Ella BramleyWed, 31 Aug 2011

     Melanie, thinking of you all!! stay positive xox

  • $30.00Marianna BarkerWed, 31 Aug 2011

     Thinking of you and your family Melanie.

  • $50.00Emma Wyhoon - RibtexWed, 31 Aug 2011

     Thoughts are with you all! Stay strong Mel. xx

  • $15.00AnonymousTue, 30 Aug 2011


  • $630.00Central Lounge Bar & DiningTue, 30 Aug 2011

     Thanks to Lucky's Gold Coast friends who braved the rain and turned up for the fundraiser at Central Lounge Bar and Dining. We all wish Lucky and his family the best!

  • $20.001444Tue, 30 Aug 2011


  • $100.00Stuart LydonTue, 30 Aug 2011

     You don't no me but I've been where you are, get well soon.

  • $50.00AnonymousTue, 30 Aug 2011


  • $20.00Elissa van BodegravenTue, 30 Aug 2011


  • $30.00HaroldTue, 30 Aug 2011


  • $500.00Michel and Francoise MAingardMon, 29 Aug 2011

     our thoughts are with you

  • $50.00AnonymousMon, 29 Aug 2011


  • $100.00Rod BryantMon, 29 Aug 2011


  • $250.00scott GillespieMon, 29 Aug 2011

     may your healing process be quick and your future be rich with opportunities

  • $100.00HMon, 29 Aug 2011

     Thoughts & prayers to Lucky & family

  • $100.00Frank FanningMon, 29 Aug 2011

     Get Well Lucky I want to see that happy smiliing face again You are in my prayers FrankF

  • $100.00Tom StarkeSun, 28 Aug 2011


  • $100.00Michele Megan, Krissy, Morgan & CameronSun, 28 Aug 2011

     Nando, hope this small donation will help Lucky on his road to recovery. Our thoughts are with you, Lucky and everyone who is close to him. Best Wishes, Morgan, Michele, Cam, Megan and Krissy xox

  • $50.00Kat & Trevor RogersSat, 27 Aug 2011

     Lucky, we are sending you all the positive thoughts and well wishes that we can. Instead of get better soon, get better NOW! :) Constant thoughts are with you and your family and of course our beautiful cousin Nandalie. Lots of Love xx

  • $20.00AnonymousSat, 27 Aug 2011


  • $100.00stunt monkeySat, 27 Aug 2011

     postive thoughts buddy

  • $25.00Kerrie MatthewsSat, 27 Aug 2011

     Hope you get well soon Lucky

  • $70.00AnonymousFri, 26 Aug 2011


  • $20.00AnonymousFri, 26 Aug 2011


  • $100.00Steve and CathFri, 26 Aug 2011

     your in our thoughts daily.

  • $25.00AnonymousFri, 26 Aug 2011


  • $100.00Carmen and James YoungThu, 25 Aug 2011

     Best Wishes to you, your family and friends. We wish you all heaps of strength.

  • $100.00Akash MalikThu, 25 Aug 2011

     Our Prayers are with you. Akash

  • $400.00Simon and Helen HammondThu, 25 Aug 2011

     Our constant thoughts are with you Lucky and with our amazing 'niece' Nandalie, and if positive vibes can effect recovery, then ours and all your other wellwishers' will speed you in that direction. Much love to you both and to your families. Simon and Helen Hammond.

  • $200.00Sheila AlexanderThu, 25 Aug 2011

     keep up the hope ....

  • $50.00AnonymousThu, 25 Aug 2011


  • $200.00Bartlomiej KankowskiThu, 25 Aug 2011

     You will make it, you are a strong guy!!!

  • $500.00Tom AdamsonThu, 25 Aug 2011

     Kia kaha bro.

  • $100.00Hizam SahibudeenThu, 25 Aug 2011

     Get well soon brother!

  • $100.00Rod BryantThu, 25 Aug 2011

     Get well Lucky

  • $50.00Phil NevilleThu, 25 Aug 2011

     Get well soon mate. For the family, Stay strong guys!

  • $1000.00AnonymousThu, 25 Aug 2011


  • $20.00Meg and RenThu, 25 Aug 2011

     Get better bro!

  • $200.00RowanThu, 25 Aug 2011

     I'm not praying for you though man. Jesus ain't going to help someone like you after all you've done. You better sort this one out by yourself.

  • $300.00rowanThu, 25 Aug 2011


  • $100.00AnonymousWed, 24 Aug 2011


  • $100.00Ruarri FairweatherWed, 24 Aug 2011

     Lucky, it isn't the same without stunt monkey - get well!

  • $50.00FearlessWed, 24 Aug 2011

     get well dude

  • $50.00bez iranzadiWed, 24 Aug 2011

     you can make it mate. get through the tunnel

  • $100.00Ike & Katie Wed, 24 Aug 2011

      Lucky our thoughts are with you and your family . Nandos be strong girl he needs your strength! All our love the Eisenhauers xxxx

  • $50.00Graham FairbairnWed, 24 Aug 2011

     peace out to you Toby. Graham (Gman) and family

  • $10.00Emma BradyWed, 24 Aug 2011


  • $100.00Shane JefferyWed, 24 Aug 2011

     Get better Toby

  • $200.00Dianne GirvanWed, 24 Aug 2011


  • $50.00Dave BakerWed, 24 Aug 2011

     All the best for a speedy recovery...

  • $10.00AnonymousWed, 24 Aug 2011


  • $100.00GomezTue, 23 Aug 2011

     Nobody else eats ice cream for dinner.

  • $250.00Richard O'NeillTue, 23 Aug 2011

     For your helmet and Pablos ProTrack lost in freefall lol. Your reaction, whilst sit-flying, made it the funniest jump, (and subsequent long ass search), I ever made! Get better dude.

  • $30.00Tine RichterTue, 23 Aug 2011

     Hold on boy.

  • $20.00Abbie MashaalTue, 23 Aug 2011

     Only because feral's a silly cunt and ted doesnt want company right now

  • $50.00Jenny ZollaTue, 23 Aug 2011

     I sure hope I'll get the chance to meet you one day Lucky.... Fight like a lion and get back on your feet.... x x x

  • $30.00Ez & AdamTue, 23 Aug 2011

     Never met you buddy but it sounds like you have touched a lot of lives. Thoughts with you

  • $100.00feral .Tue, 23 Aug 2011

     Lucky i was saving this for hookers your lucky I love ya man wish i could throw ya more .

  • $25.00Cynthia LynnTue, 23 Aug 2011

     Stay positive, be strong in heart 'n body, heal thyself.

  • $30.00Dave DobsonTue, 23 Aug 2011

     Thoughts are with you.. Hope things start looking up soon.

  • $100.00Dan HonneymanTue, 23 Aug 2011

     one of the true gritstone Gods

  • $300.00Simone SchuttaufTue, 23 Aug 2011

     You are in our thoughts. We are sending positive, healing vibes your way all day. We are also thinking of all of your loved ones. Keeping healing Lucky. We want to see you up and about swinging through trees like a monkey again very soon. Love Simone & Mario XOXO

  • $50.00Rose SivaTue, 23 Aug 2011

     Thoughts are with you - and by looking at the posting from well wishes if wishes can make you well you should be a million dollars by now.

  • $50.00LevTue, 23 Aug 2011

     You are mad, mate :-) Hope you come back in perfect shape!! Seriously enjoyed your story in Smithen, thank you for that!

  • $50.00GibbsyTue, 23 Aug 2011

     Haven't had the chance to meet you yet... no pun intended... Hope to see you on an exit point soon bro.

  • $30.00Tim Golsby-SmithMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Get better mate, the world still needs you!

  • $60.00myles beanMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Lucky- a living legend that's larger than Life. Get well soon man!

  • $100.00Tanya & Adam HammondMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Your spirit is strong Lucky - keep up the fight! Sending you and your family lots of love, we are thinking of you all - and of course huge hugs & kisses to our beautiful cousin Nandalie - we will support you both in every way we can. Tanya & Adam

  • $50.00Wenone HopeMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Stay strong and keep fighting Toby. Our thoughts are with you and your family

  • $100.00Nathan HoetteMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Best wishes to you amigo

  • $20.00Lily LewisMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Hi Nandalie, thinking of you up here in QLD, not very financial, but this might buy you a snack ut of the vending machine in those horrible hospital waiting rooms. Love and light to Lucky, Lily x

  • $50.00Sandie and CaseyMon, 22 Aug 2011

      Our thoughs and prayers are with you and wish you a quick and full recovery.

  • $50.00Ehren HolgerssonMon, 22 Aug 2011


  • $20.00Joe BurrillMon, 22 Aug 2011

     I love your shit Lucky. Get well soon big fella

  • $25.00Daniel ScheuchMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Hey Lucky, get better soon man. Sending you positive energy from the blue mtns!

  • $50.00AnonymousMon, 22 Aug 2011


  • $100.00Chantelle SleeMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Im sending every positive thought for you & your family Lucky. I know you can make it through this - Nando needs you cos i cant be there so get well FAST! . Love Light Peace... Chantelle

  • $10.00AnonymousMon, 22 Aug 2011


  • $50.00AnonymousMon, 22 Aug 2011


  • $30.00Daniel BurrillMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Lucky you've been such an inspiration. I'd like to jump together one day. Get strong.

  • $50.00Graeme McCutcheonMon, 22 Aug 2011

     Faith Love and Courage

  • $50.00Bella SmartSun, 21 Aug 2011

     Your beautiful soul has always been there to help others, now is a time when we can all show you that thanks. Now's the time to use your biggest lucky chance! Our thoughts are with you x

  • $100.00Grant Rowbottom and Bec GortonSun, 21 Aug 2011


  • $102.00chantal werrettSun, 21 Aug 2011

     big big love lucky! love Mylah + Chantal

  • $200.00Mel&BrecSun, 21 Aug 2011


  • $150.00Emily BrazenallSun, 21 Aug 2011

     I am thinking of you Tobes!

  • $50.00Ben HeasonSun, 21 Aug 2011


  • $50.00Neil MonteithSun, 21 Aug 2011

     Get better and get home soon!

  • $150.00Leon CossarSun, 21 Aug 2011

     Stay strong Lucky! Your an inspiring character mate!

  • $30.00Jimmyjames mcfarlaneSun, 21 Aug 2011

     I'll put some more in every week pal Good luck mate

  • $200.00AnonymousSun, 21 Aug 2011


  • $20.00Ryan TaylorSun, 21 Aug 2011

     Lets go buddy, pull though.

  • $100.00David BraileySun, 21 Aug 2011


  • $100.00JarmilaSun, 21 Aug 2011


  • $50.00Christiaan DiemontSun, 21 Aug 2011

     best wishes for a speedy recovery

  • $50.00AnesSun, 21 Aug 2011

     Burnett has always spoken so highly of you. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.

  • $10.00Sam BrentnallSun, 21 Aug 2011

     Friends with Amanda Paterson

  • $100.00AnonymousSun, 21 Aug 2011


  • $50.00Sue JohnsonSun, 21 Aug 2011

     Get well soon.

  • $60.00McNaughtySat, 20 Aug 2011

     They don't call you Lucky for nothing! I'm sure it'll all work out and for now, best wishes to you, your family and my darling Nandalie x

  • $50.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $10.00Dave McAllisterSat, 20 Aug 2011

     Hey man, I wish you the best. Met ya once in Bishop, a loooong time ago, on a six week climbing trip. I hope you're back on the old horse and JUMPING OFF IT AGAIN real soon! Wish I could give more...

  • $25.00Soni SchneiderSat, 20 Aug 2011

     You don't know me, but I've known Josh's Mum, Pam, for 40 years. And when she sent me this link, I immediately wanted to help in anyway I could! Sending hugs and good wishes to you!

  • $10.00Adam DesertSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $100.00Sarah from Climb-FitSat, 20 Aug 2011

     May you have a speddy recovery Lucky!

  • $100.00Logan HurfordSat, 20 Aug 2011

     Heart felt thoughts with Lucky and Nando and Fam. Let's keep rallying

  • $100.00Benjeapolis PoppadomSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $50.00Dan ThemanSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $200.00WalterSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $50.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $100.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $25.00Olivia IsaacSat, 20 Aug 2011

     I really you hope you have the best recovery!

  • $100.00Upskill ClimbingSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $50.00Lesley McGeeSat, 20 Aug 2011

     Love and support to Melanie and her Mum as they make the long journey to be with Lucky. The power of positive thought has moved mountains. This will be one very important mountain that Lucky conquers.

  • $100.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $5.00Daniel KunovskySat, 20 Aug 2011

     Don't know you at all mate, but from your video's you seem like a genuinely great and fun-loving guy. I hope you make a full recovery. DK

  • $30.00Chris TaborSat, 20 Aug 2011

     Hey Bro sorry its not much but payday ill hook ya up with some more... Get well and cant wait to jump with ya

  • $100.00emilia joubertSat, 20 Aug 2011

     Keep smiling, you showed us we can do what so many say we cant. Never loose hope, one single positive dream is most important then a thousand negative realities.

  • $3000.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $50.00MonSat, 20 Aug 2011

     Thinking of you Lucky, wish I could be by your side. Keep fighting. If anyone will make it through this its definitely you!

  • $200.00BANX, Mum, Dad, Auntie Jan, and Gran Sat, 20 Aug 2011

     Thinking of you Luckyman!!! Get better soon Pirate buddy :) From BANX, Mum, Dad, Auntie Jan, and Gran :)

  • $100.00Christine BarrSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $100.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $100.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $20.00ALEX HALLSat, 20 Aug 2011

     hope i can see you fit and well woon

  • $20.00Nicholas McKaySat, 20 Aug 2011

     I hope even my small donation can help such an inspiring man get well. All the best lucky and family. Nicko

  • $300.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $50.00Evelyne VertreesSat, 20 Aug 2011

     I've watched you on the Smitten movie and you are great. I hope that you have a full recovery!

  • $50.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $100.00hyporyanSat, 20 Aug 2011

     just some quotes from a movie Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere. Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive. Sometimes you gotta let your heart lead you, even if you know it's someplace you know you're not supposed to be. it! Oh mummy. Most Indians would say cow because they are sacred, but, I hear milk and I think big giant jugs. I can not go back home a virgin. I came here to this country to study the great American art of muff diving. To smack clam, munch rug, dine at just one American pink taco stand! You know, I wanted to, how is it, park the porpoise. You know? I want to take it through the car wash, baby. And get it waxed. I want to wax it. Wax it! You know, and air dry. Air dry that shit, yeah! And I would like to be your assistant very much, Mr. Van Wilder. This is the White Barry.

  • $100.00Andrea HahSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $20.00AnonymousSat, 20 Aug 2011


  • $20.00Ben PerdriauFri, 19 Aug 2011


  • $100.00AnonymousFri, 19 Aug 2011


  • $200.00derek thatcherFri, 19 Aug 2011


  • $100.00patFri, 19 Aug 2011

     Expecting nothing but full recovery from you man, lil jimmy agrees

  • $30.00treehouse mikeFri, 19 Aug 2011

     heal fast bro!

  • $100.00AnonymousFri, 19 Aug 2011


  • $25.00stickyFri, 19 Aug 2011

     Hey Lucky... I still have trouble calling you that and I'm hoping that I have lost of time to get used to it. Buddy my thoughts are with you and your family. Wish you the best and hope to is your infectious use smile again soon. Sticky

  • $50.00AnonymousFri, 19 Aug 2011


  • $500.00Grant RaedelFri, 19 Aug 2011

     Any jumpers out there know that this could be you so dig a little and help out. Wow gayest quote ever....... how about don't be a tight ass and give up some of your cash!!!!

Melanie Benham
Lucky Chance