FREE Walk T-Shirt
FREE Walk to D-Feet MND T shirt ONE PER PERSON ONLY PLEASE Note: When ordering more than one T-shirt please ensure you fill in the Quantity Box. If you are ordering an assortment of sizes, you need to select ADD NEW for each new item.
AUD $0.00

MND Dog Lead
Dog lead - choose large, medium or small
AUD $12.00

Dog Bandana
Now your favourite four-legged friend can look cool in the MND Walk Bandana.
AUD $8.00


Additional Walk T-Shirt
Additional Walk to D-Feet T Shirt can be purchased
AUD $10.00

Men's and Ladies Socks
The perfect, high quality men's and ladies socks for all your sporting and fitness activities.
AUD $7.50

MND Puppy
Our MND Victoria puppies are a favourite with the kids!
AUD $10.00


Wrist Band - Never Give Up
MND Never Give Up silicone wristband adjustable for adult and child
AUD $5.00

Cornflower Brooch
Silk cornflower brooch on card
AUD $2.00

MND Beanie - Navy
Warm woolen beanie to keep you warm in style!
AUD $15.00


MND Baseball Cap
This summer's must have baseball cap - pale blue with white and black trim. Adjustable size.
AUD $15.00

Stubby Holder
These beautiful and practical blue MND Victoria stubby holders will keep your drink cold and raise awareness of MND.
AUD $10.00

Water Bottle
These white MND Drink bottles help keep you hydrated whatever your exercise regime.
AUD $10.00


Never Give Up Hoodies
Super comfy + warm our quality, fitted MND Victoria Hoodies are perfect for the cooler months. Show your support for people with MND wherever you go!
AUD $75.00

Dino the Dinosaur
Gorgeous MND Victoria soft stuffed dinosaurs! Ideal birthday and Christmas gifts for a special young person in your life.
AUD $12.00

Blue Cornflower Earrings
Blue Cornflower Earrings, surgical steel, handmade by a local artist! Orders shipped in approx 2 weeks.
AUD $29.00


Blue Cornflower Necklace
Blue Cornflower Necklace handmade by a local artist! Orders shipped in approx 2 weeks.
AUD $29.00

Blue Cornflower Keyring
Blue Cornflower Keyring, choice of silver or black, handmade by a local artist. Orders shipped in approx 2 weeks.
AUD $19.00