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Charity Crowdfunding is a way to capitalise on community support for a new service, piece of equipment or project. It's a great addition to your charity's fundraising spectrum.  



Fundraisers can create, edit and share beautiful fundraising pages. We help them plan, create and communicate their activity as well as, track progress, upload photos, embed video and link to social media channels.



Create and manage your charity's signature fundraising events using our comprehensive tools. Manage thousands of fundraising participants with tools to:

  • Create custom page themes
  • Managing team, individual and family registrations 
  • Sell tickets
  • Merchandise
  • Manage communications & social media
  • Report & review analytics

​Find out more here - mycause events



Start a page for your charity’s annual appeal, EOFY, Christmas or Mothers day. All funds pledged are collected and displayed on your progress thermometer until your goal is reached.




Let people make online donations by placing our donate now button on your charity's website which links directly to the mycause payment gateway.




Provide an immediate call to action to donate via SMS during emergency appeals, gala dinners, media broadcasts or in advertising.




Donors can control the amount they give and the frequency of their donations with regular giving. 

Find out more here: Regular Giving


Let your supporters create 'donation gift cards' to send to friends, co-workers or clients for any occasion
Your supporters can:
  • Select the donation amount to give to your chairty.
  • Create their gift card. 
  • Add their own image or company logo
  • Write a personal message
  • Upload to a full contact list
  • Send to multiple recipients at once.
Find out more here : Gift-Cards


Donors are given the option to pledge an amount to the fundraiser's nominated charity and/or the trip expenses (eg. flights, travel). All tax and non-tax deductable receipting for donors is managed automatically. 



Allow your supporters to dedicate a birthday directly to your charity.  A birthday page activates automatically a month prior to the person's birthday, requesting donations instead of a gifts.

See an example charity  Pledge Your Birthday page 





Make a donation to charity in tribute to friend or loved one.



How to partner your charity with

1. Please complete our online signup form -  5 minutes 
You MUST have a valid ABN to register as an organisation
 2. You'll be automatically emailed your completed form to print, sign and return to us.
3. The mycause team will activate your new account within 1 business day so you can login and start fundraising!
If you have any questions or problems please contact mycause on
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There is no cost to sign up:
We pride ourselves on NOT charging monthly or annual fees for our services, while still delivering all the tools necessary for your organisation to achieve great things.  

When it comes to our standard features and services we only take our agreed commission on donation and relevant bank fee. That's It!  

Speak to us about how you can further reduce your organisation's commission rate.